Tuesday, December 19, 2006

    A Date with Mr. Williams

    The final night of his world "Close Encounters" tour.

    Telstradome, Melbourne

    65,500 people.

    Broke the record for attendance at this venue.

    Well, I don't know quite where to start.
    Perhaps this article sums it up best for me: I was at times enthralled, and at times almost bored, wanting Robbie to shut up with the yak and simply sing. I didn't fork out big bikkies for him to fool around with his best friend on stage like they were in a bad British pantomime, nor do I want said best friends' face hogging the limelight. Do I know you best friend ? No. So get off the stage and out of my face !

    Perhaps i'm being too harsh, but "Me & My Shadow" has always been corny, and I wanted to be rocked. I am being harsh, aren't I ?

    Ok .. from the start:
    Sneaky Sound System was the opening act, and I didn't know them, but I didn't mind them either. Their 80's influences were way too obvious for me, but the 'yoof of today' would have found it all 100% original. And they had a pumping bassline, so I thought it was a good 'rev' act. We watched the stadium fill to capacity from our nosebleed seats, and call me old ( yeah, I am ), but I remember when rock/pop concerts were about rock/pop'ping, and not chips and lollies. It was weird to me to see people coming up with their hot food and drinks like they were at a sporting event. Odd.

    Then the man himself - shooting out of the stage floor amongst amazing lights, colours, shooting flames and fireworks. Fantastic !!
    What a showman !! I tried to take some pics with AB's phone, and hopefully he'll email them to me later, but I think they just came out all flaring lights and blur .. and of course, we were sitting 1000 miles away from the stage ....

    So when Robbie was singing, he was brilliant. He did all the goods: Radio, Advertising Space, Rock DJ, Kids, Let Me Entertain You, Rudebox, Feel, Sin Sin Sin, Monsoon, Come Undone ( a personal fave ), Tripping, Millenium, Angels ( of course ! ), and others I can't remember, i'm sure. He shook some "Take That" moves and grooved his thang. If only I weren't so far away ... ( thank God for video screens ! )

    And that's my main beef, I guess.
    I could have been at home watching it on the tele.
    I think I prefer the more intimate space/venue. And the seating is not conducive to rocking out. There's not enough room. And you could topple to your death from an incline so steep ...

    So did we do the right thing by trading our floor tix for some seated ones ? I think so.
    After all, i'm 5'2", and get crushed quite easily in crowds. I've been on the floor at other concerts and got to see absolutely nothing, so I have no idea why i'm whining.

    I got to see Robbie.

    Oh, and Kylie didn't show for Kids. Bad form, Kyles.
    So you've been sick and your boyfriend is a louse .. but c'mon. Robbie's last night and he had to tell the crowd to play "Bono" to his Kylie ? I think a bit of Australian Showgirl would have made this the most memorable night, and a real kicker of a farewell.

    I am a whiney cow, aren't I ?

    I got to see Robbie !!!


    Lazy cow said...

    I saw him the last time he was here and it was FABULOUS! Well, I was dragged along, kicking and whining by my best friend, and boy was I glad I went! Duran Duran were the support (I lurved them in the 80s) but they were absolutely CRAP. I do think we get harder to please as we get older. When I saw Bruce Springsteen's acoustic show at the Palais - 6th row! - I was distracted by how high his jeans sat around his waist (pathetic, I know).

    h&b said...

    Not pathetic, no. Highpants would have annoyed me too ...

    I was soooo upset I missed Robbie ( and the Duran boys ) last time, so was very hyped for this show.

    I feel a bit bad I semi-dissed it, but it was only the first half he fluffed around. The 2nd half was great ..

    .. but I got more of a buzz out of the "Deal" ;)

    Anonymous said...

    See? You should have come to the Wiggles concert with me! Those fellas know how to RAWK!

    Anonymous said...

    I know what you mean about the seats that are "toward" the back as I like to say. We saw Coldplay from there and it does take the buzz out of it a bit. Like you, smaller, intimate shows are more my thing.

    Ditto the food and drink thing...they did that at Coldplay as well. I thought I was the only one who thought it a little weird :-)

    And thanks for the update on all the Kylie goss as I'm so out of the news loop that I wouldn't have a clue what the rich and fab are up to... but that's probably a good thing. Isn't it?

    But still v. jealous about your Robbie experience!

    Anonymous said...

    Like Lazy Cow I saw him last time, but when you watch those live dvd's he has released, when you see him in the flesh, it's like you're watching the DVD. (Does that make sense?) But unlike Lazy Cow, I actually really enjoyed Duran Duran! I also saw Robbie the tour before (Sing When You're Winning tour), twice. I LOVED it. He played at Rod Laver and I had wonderful seats both nights...

    Anyway, even the best of us can get bored at concerts!! At least you got to see this very sexy guy in the flesh and hear him sing live! That's gotta count for something yes?

    Stomper Girl said...

    Had a friend who went. She was wondering if the whole "best friend" thing might be remembered in years to come as the moment when Robbie came out? Is that sacrilege to suggest that? And did they really sing Me and My Shadow?

    I always feel un-engaged by big stadium shows. Agree with you about feeling like if you're going to watch them on a screen you may as well do it in the comfort of your own home. The exception must be the ultra-expensive seats. Because for that sort of money you would MAKE yourself enjoy it, dammit.

    shellyC said...

    Now that is why I want to move to a major City!!! I entered a comp. on the internet to win tickets to see Robbie. In 25 words or less, why do you want to win tickets....."So I can really see what Robbie has got and go home to my husband and tell him what he hasn't got!"

    ....didn't win sadly!!!

    caramaena said...

    Ooh lucky you :) Glad you enjoyed it.

    LouiseP said...

    I went last night and watched from the rafters too. I was also slightly disappointed and thought maybe he was just a bit exhausted and over it. I was lucky enough to get a last minute ticket to Kylie last week and she was brilliant from start to finish. We stood and danced pretty much the entire show and her costumes and dancers were fab. I walked out on such a high. I guess it was a better venue and Robbie's style is more 'rock concert' than our slick Show Girl Kylie. Mind you, I'm still pretty happy to have seen Robbie! I wonder what all those children at the concert last night thought of his language and constant need to stick his hand down his pants!!??

    h&b said...

    I should also note here that although I sound whingey - I really don't want to diss Robbie, and I really did have a great time.

    I was delighted to also find myself cleaning the kitchen floor yesterday singing "Angels", and can't get "Millenium" out of my head. That has to be a good result, right ? :)

    Nutmeg: I so wanted to see Coldplay !!

    Stomper: Not sure. His BFF just had a baby with his wife, and my mum ( who just got back from London ) says the BFF is huge there and they often perform together ?

    And louisep: What was with all those underdressed 3yr olds in Barbie-style singlets ? I was wearing a jacket for one, and for two ... I dunno ... 3 yr olds ?!?!
    Also lots of Nannas in the audience. I found the whole fan-base thing quite odd..

    I loved it when he was singing "Monsoon" - "I wouldn't spend the night with me ... i'd give you an STD". tee hee.

    Anonymous said...

    I'm really getting into Sneaky Sound System these days. I just bought a double album on the weekend that they complied. It's cool, but a little hit and miss. I'm sure that this album has been playing the cafe circuit for the past year or so. It's very much that kind of music.

    Sounds like it was a good show and an enjoyable night.

    Gina said...

    65,000! Nothing wrong with having some beef when you pay big bikkies!!

    I don't blame you at all!

    louisep said...

    Yeah the oldies thing!? We had several around us and they did not do so much as a leg tap the entire show - not sure why they went. And yes... I am now playing all my Robbie CDs in the car and loving them!!

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