Wednesday, December 20, 2006

    Assor' ed

    That title is "assorted", as if said by Robbie Williams.
    Please adjust your British regional accent to match.

    Well, it's been a messy week here in the home, but I was too busy hoping Robbie would notice me to comment. We've had:

    - a projectile vomit on my new painted wall/blackboard. Followed by another kersplat on the floor below it. I was most impressed no soft furnishings were involved, and that the floors needed a good clean anyway. Poor bubby - apparently there's a bit of a virus about town and a few of his little friends had been poorly too.

    - so yesterday.
    Marinated chicken wings all day, and went out to pull weeds.
    Washed the bedlinen and a bird poo'ed on a sheet as it dried on the line. Came inside and felt something wet beneath my foot. Cat vomit. Immediately I turn to look at the rug in the nearby next room, as cats just *love* to vomit on comfortable surrounds. Spy two big ones right by my son's trainset ( lucky, he's having a rest, and the vommie is fresh ). So I clean that all up and go back outside to weed.
    The chicken wings are now in the oven and the house is smelling like honey, ginger, garlic and soy - YUM !

    - Chicken wings almost done, I come inside to do one last turn before they're done. ( I'll just mention here I hate my dodgy wall oven, and we've had some near misses in the past .. ) Well today was the day, and something went wrong, and all of a sudden a hot dish of sticky chicken was sliding out at me too fast, and I didn't have my mitts on - just a pair of tongs and a teatowel. I tried to save with the teatowel, but it was too hot, and I knew I just had to RUN, or suffer 3rd degree burns to my breasts and hands.

    It was all sooooooo lucky.. the boy was not at my heels, and I got out of the way fast enough. Next thing, my kitchen is covered in hot chicken, sticky sauce and glass shards. K'blammo. Sticky sauce up all the cupboards, my pants ( white, typical ), under the dishwasher, etc, etc.


    At least I got it all out of the way before Xmas.
    Should be a hassle-free day !

    AND, i'm so grateful it was nothing worse. Could have been. I mean, it's not the first time i've had to have something glass-like extracted from my eye... lucky I am .. lucky, lucky, lucky ... and considering how fast that burning hot chicken-lava cooled on the tiles, i'm imaging it would be the equivalent of throwing boiling plastic on my boobies. Um, ouch.


    Back to Robbie, and again, I love you Robbie, and I know you're a sensitive tortured artist and I love you to death and want to nurture you in my near-scarred bossom, but I read another article today that could have been written by me, it was so apt.

    Please don't hate me.
    Come over for dinner sometime. I'll cook ... err .. hommus !

    Anyway - you can read the article here


    Today I went out shopping for wine glasses. After 11yrs of marriage ( when we originally got all our glassware ), 5 house moves, and the occasional breakage, we seem to have found ourselves left with like 3 non-matching white wine glasses. I have no idea how this happened, or when. We've got plenty of those big ol' red wine balloons, but nothing smaller.

    Anyway, 3 homeware stores later, and apparently everyone 'just sold the last set, but we've got flutes' ? Um no .. but how weird is this ? Looks like i'll have to make a dreaded shopping centre trip. Bah !


    Finally, don't have babies in December.

    Or don't have friends like me, I can't decide. My girlfriend ( she of the 10pound bub ) is feeding every hour, and I came home to find a Xmas card in the mail from her. I haven't even sent a 'Congratulations' card. Arrgghh !!

    To be honest, I *had* planned to see her before now, and planned to do the present, kiss and card thing on the day. Looks like i'll have to rethink this tomorrow and send off a gift, as we won't be now meeting the new babe until 2007.

    Which in turn reminds me I have to thank Auntie Cookie for her little gift to me. I suck, I really do. Auntie Cookie was the first 'Melbourne' blog ( and possibly the first blog ? ) I ever read that I liked.

    Go buy something from her Etsy store to make me feel better - she's awfully talented, and I am a crap patron ! Go on, do my dirty work for me !!

    Finally, I leave you with a pic I took last night ( after cleaning up the bird poo, the cat poo and the chicken, sauce and glass shards ). It's my Mum reading "Toy Story II" in bed with my son.

    I think it's so cute, but hopefully my mum will approve. She made me take down the last pic of her I put on, as apparently she looked 'awful'.

    Vanity. God knows where I get it from ?


    Stomper Girl said...

    See now, if you were on the present bandwagon, you could have had one of your relatives tramping round the shops hunting down lovely wine glasses for you!

    You poor thing with the vomity, exploding chicken day! I was laughing in sympathy, because I have those days too.

    Your willingness to clutch Robbie to your nearly scarred bosom also gave me a good laugh!

    How snuggy your son and your mother look together in bed with the story. Very sweet.

    Hope you had much less erupting going on in your house today!

    Anonymous said...

    Oh my goodness, I am so glad that you where able to jump fast enough. And that the little one wasn't under foot at that time.

    I surely hope you have a better day today.

    Anonymous said...

    Hope all your disasters are over & done!

    Lovely pic of your Mum with her beautiful Grandson!

    Anonymous said...

    Now, is this a hint for somebody to gift your with some wine glasses? (Tee hee!)

    I'm so glad neither you nor the little one were in the way of the chicken disaster. That would have been naaaaaasty.

    Anonymous said...

    Now, is this a hint for somebody to gift your with some wine glasses? (Tee hee!)

    I'm so glad neither you nor the little one were in the way of the chicken disaster. That would have been naaaaaasty.

    shannon said...

    Hey glad you got the book - always happy to offload some serial killer action to you! Enjoy, and maybe one day for a family outing you can retrace the crime scenes arounf the lovely Kananook station?

    Always make for a fun adventure chicken lady...

    Anonymous said...

    I was going to write that bad luck comes in threes, then I realised that you had a string of four, so one must have been chucked in for well good? luck! I truly hope that nothing else vomits, poos, or breaks on you for a while at least.

    I love the photo of your mum and your son. They look so sweet snuggled up together.

    Can I, shall I confess? I can't stand Robbie Williams. His music is ok, but he himself? Ughhhh. Never heard of his best friend either.

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    Just be glad you don't live in Sydney, we get bright purple fruit bat poo on our sheets!

    Anonymous said...

    What a day. You had me avidly reading all the way to the bottom. I'm glad you missed out on scarred breasts - though what a talking point it could have been in the future...but only with the hubby!

    Lovely photo of your mum and bubs too.

    Well, I hope that was your "Christmas period" disaster done and dusted :-) You can relax now.

    I'm off till the New Year now so have a great Christmas and play some Robbie for me on New Year's Day! I'll be reading you again in 2007. Take care :-)

    caramaena said...

    Oh my goodness, the exploding chicken thing must have been scary. I imagine it would have been a right mess to clean up too. Like you needed any more to clean! The cat sick is enough (I can empathise there).

    Lovely pic of your mum and bub there :)

    Janet said...

    Your mum looks lovely reading with your son.

    And what a day! Hopefully this leaves the way clear for you to breeze through Christmas with nary a hiccup...

    Anonymous said...

    My Wife is a Robbie Tragic with the Robbie Crush as well, just like 300,00+ other Aussie women! He's certainly got IT, whatever IT is. From all accounts, sounds like a good show.

    Sorry to hear about the volcanic explosions. We just went through a bout of that, so I know it isn't pleasant for all involved. Hopefully its passed now.

    Glad to hear that you didn't melt your boobies. Imagine what Robbie would have thought if he'd come over and they were all melted! =-)~

    Anonymous said...

    That photo of your mum and son is really sweet. Good thing you didn't also take photos of all the messy disasters of the day. Well, I would've liked to have seen it all, I admit.

    Anonymous said...

    I'm glad you are not having glass extracted from your eyes - what a day!

    suburban mom said...

    oh my gosh - I would be the same way. Any time a boy barfs I just look around quickly and say "hooray, nothing on the carpet or sofas" ....then I take care of the boy of course ;)

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