Thursday, November 23, 2006


    Fees well spent ( can there ever be enough of visiting petting farms ?! ). TWO HOURS of pure goat/chicken/guinea-pig/duck/pig/lamb/cow BLISSOUT.

    Oh, and they had 2x rats too .. but I don't want to talk about them .. yeugrghh ..

    My faves were the 8week old goats. Man, they were sprite, impatient, bossy, bullish young things. DON'T FEED THAT DUCK .. here, i'll eat that for you .. move over cow, i'm here and i'm hungry....

    Master B loved it all. Especially the constant hunger of the animals. You could refill your feed cup a million times, and they'd still eat it all. Compare that to the cat at home .. who gives you a look of disgust when you try to force-feed it, no matter how much you talk up that dry cat food.

    "mmMM .. YUM .. puss puss .. MmMm .. YUM !"

    "Bugger off kid, leave me alone, i'm outti, seeya !"

    Perhaps we'll get a pet goat ...


    In other news .. we were early to PG today .. so I purposely dawdled on the way. Went past a quaint old-timers crowded antique-y gift store. Browsed out the front.

    'What's that burning smell', I wondered, as I searched the street for billowing smoke. It's 9am.
    Nothing, I dismiss it, and keep browsing the knick-knacks and Xmas decorations out front.

    I see some gold birds I really like. Would look good on the Xmas tree.
    I go inside to get a closer look, and the smell is stronger. I frown .. perhaps I should make sure all is ok. I am about to open my mouth to say 'hey, have you left something on out the back, I smell burning ....' when I realise I know that smell ..

    OMG, this pleasant well-dressed non-hippy old-codger has been out having a breakfast hit of spliff !! A little joint to start his day... Classic !!
    How funny is that ?!

    On the way out, I passed an 80yr old prim granny on her way in.
    Perhaps she was here for her SUPPLY ?! I'll take the teacup and saucer set and a dime-bag of the green herbal, thanks Mr. Goodbody !

    Too funny.


    nutmeg said...

    Oh this is too funny. The local antique store is a great cover :-)

    Love those gold hens.

    I really liked your post of yesterday too. I HATE the phone and use the answering machine judiciously. Also have to have a home day to recuperate from an "out" day. Small groups are more my scene as well. Think of my horror when I had to meet all of Mr J's 10 siblings, all at once!

    Anonymous said...

    Took Monet to the 'Tropical Zoo' yesterday where she can pet he kangaroos for as long as she wants.... LOVES it. She absolutely LOVES it.... Glad you had a good time with your PG. Sounds like fun.

    Angry Dad said...

    You SHOULD get a pet goat. That would be so cool, and we'd get all the cool pics of what it had eaten that day! =-)~

    slap me happy said...

    lmbo so would you say it's a great JOINT to hang at

    Stomper Girl said...

    It'll be a medicinal choof, poor old bloke's probably got chronic arthur-itis.

    Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

    Stomper's being too nice. I bet it's the only antique shop in Australia with at least three teenagers browsing the pendulum clocks at any time...

    and giggling. I'd say there'd be a LOT of giggling.

    carolyn said...

    That is so funny, wonder if the drug squad is staking the place.

    Anonymous said...

    Your little B has the most adorable clothes... how does he stay so white at a petting zoo?!

    My float said...

    Here's a secret. I hate animals. I love the thought of them. But they smell so darn bad! Guess I should drop into your antique store to get a spliff and cover those bad smells!

    h&b said...

    em -

    lots of people ask me about the white thing. I wear a LOT of white, and love light colours. I think my boy probably just isn't very messy ? Although i've noticed the stains starting to creep in now he's older. Oh well ;)

    And his nice clothes are probably all from the UK - Baby Gap and NEXT, from when his Grandma lived there. His own mother ( ie: me ) shops at Target and K-Mart and Best n Less :)

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