Tuesday, November 28, 2006

    Of Robbie & Pearls..

    Last night we had a Gala Fundraiser to attend at Crown.
    My 2nd adults-only night out since birthing the melon-headed boy.

    So I went shopping.

    I don't go to 'Gala' anythings, and my frock department is seriously non-existant ( most occasions I get invites to are adequately covered with skirt & top combos from Target ).
    I knew it was serious when my own husband packed me off to buy something with his blessing. And then I needed shoes.
    Lucky we've got a few more 'do's in our upcoming future.
    My jewellery is my 11-yr old wedding pearls set. Only the 2nd time it's ever been worn !

    Anyway, we were at Crown for the "14th Annual Robert Allenby Gala Dinner", which also incorporates a charity auction to raise money for kids with cancer. The link i've included there is an old one, for a past year, but it gives you an idea of the event.

    It was hosted by Tom Gleisner ( one of the charity items were passes to his new hit TV Show - which I love - "Thank God You're Here", with green room passes and hob-nob meets&greets with the cast ) .... too bad it was waaaay out of my bidding league. Actually, I don't think there was anything on offer in my league. Oh well ..

    So then we were treated to a little Dancing with the Stars with Andrew Gaze before entrees ( to diiiiiie for ! ), speeches and prizes, then mains.

    Some tunes from fake-Frank ( Sinatra )

    Then they started on the videos of sick kids, to the soundtrack of Cyndi Lauper's "True Colours".

    And that's when I had to put down my knife and fork. And pick up my napkin. And try to stop the tears rolling down my face and remained composed with a lump in my throat the size of a golf ball ( har, har ). Meanwhile, all around me, I could hear the usual eating noises of cutlery on plates, and watched the cute girls at the next table laughing and toasting themselves. I don't get that, although I am always 'the emotional one', so it's hard to judge.

    In the end, I had to excuse myself to walk the MASSIVE NEVERENDING room to get to the ladies and recompose. Shared a weak knowing smile with two other ladies in similar circumstances.

    After all the auctioning was done ( Holidays to the US, Tiger Woods autographed stuff, U2 Guitar signed by the band, Guitar signed by Robbie Williams, Masters tix, something to do with test driving the latest Porsche in sub-zero conditions in Finland .. or something ??? ), fake Robbie took to the stage, and he was so fabulous, I forgot he wasn't the real thing.

    He had all the sass and bad-boy, the sexy dirty-girl dancers, and did all the big hits. I grooved along adoringly, belting out every word, resisting calling out "WE LOVE YOUUUUU ROBBBIIIIIEEE"

    Fake Neil Diamond ended the night ( for the oldies ), and we went home.

    Now ... what to wear for my TV appearance on Friday .. hmmmm .....


    My float said...

    Wow. You are really mixing it up with the rich and famous, aren't you!

    And to think your husband sent you shopping! You both look lovely.

    I'd have joined you in the bathroom for a weep too. There is nothing worse than children who are suffering so much. A great cause - AND a great night out.

    caramaena said...

    Oohh you look lovely!

    What's this about a tv appearance?

    h&b said...

    ahhh, caramaena ... my little teaser did not go unnoticed ;)

    Lets just say "wait and see"
    ( and try not to be too disappointed commeth Friday evening when I will probably blog about it ;)

    Anonymous said...

    Don't you two make a lovely couple :)

    caramaena said...

    Awww... we have to wait until Friday?

    So, have you decided what to wear for it? Do tell (perhaps that will give us a hint ;) heheh)

    Stomper Girl said...

    You are such a tease!!! Will Melbourne people be able to watch you? Should I have a circled Green Guide to remind me?

    You look fabulous dahling in your new frock and your bling. Fabulous.

    But you should get out more! Only twice since Master B?? And next time go somewhere where they won't try to wreck your make-up with sad videos.
    (I would have bawled too. Parenthood. Turns you into a big sooky-la-la)

    Anonymous said...

    Ooo...didn't you look flash!!! SOunds like you had a great evening! Friday hey? Just keep us guessing.... (Deal or No Deal is my only guess!)

    Tina O'D said...

    You look great. You'd better start booking up Grandma L for more babysitting while you can. Don't forget you have to fit in that romantic "knock em dead" dinner date. I can relate to the smuggy makeup. Since the kids I am just hopeless. And what's this about a TV star in the MG group???? I'll be quizzing tomorrow. (Was I close?).

    Lazy cow said...

    You looked lovely dear. I like your hair! It sounds like a fantastic night. And let me know about the TV thing. I'm babysitting Friday night for a friend, so I will have ownership of the remote control, if I so desire it :-)

    Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

    I heard Gaze-y talking about this on Vega last week. Sounds like a wonderful night and you DO look lovely!

    Stomper Girl said...

    Neil Diamond wrote my song, man. He is not just for the oldies.

    h&b said...

    You been steaming on that one all day, Stomper ?? :) Who's to say I *excluded* myself from that oldie group, hey ?? .. and yes, your song was sung, natch ;)

    As for all you others, it's probably not as exciting as you think .. and Melody .. is my crush on Andrew O'Keefe *that* obvious ?
    MmMm - dee-lish.

    plum said...

    v glam and lovely jewellery. Commercials make me bawl these days, so I would have been completely wrecked if required to watch something like that.

    Jo said...

    You look very swish indeed. And so many fake entertainers in one room! My goodness!
    Have you learnt all the special little hand crossing signals for "Deal"? I don't get it myself, but my six year old does. Apparantly it is Nanna and Pa's favourite show and she has been caught up in their wave of deal or no deal excitement.

    Anonymous said...

    Aha! I thought as much! I used to live LITERALLY around the corner from the Channel 7 studios (on Bank Street, just before we moved up here), and I would see Andrew all the time! And people walking around the streets with those big novelty cheques!) GOOD LUCK!!

    Anonymous said...

    Ummmm... "Wheel of Fortune"? "Funny Home Video Grand Final"? Tracey Grimshaw doing a hidden camera expose on "A Current Affair" on home renovators? C'mon... the TV appearance suspence is killing us.

    Gina said...

    You look divine.
    Extremely cute hair and could that be white piping on your dress? Love. it.
    So nice to hear you had a good time. Oh to have a hubby that says, "Time for you to shop!"

    Gina said...

    Oh and yes...
    TV appearance?
    Do tell!

    Damselfly said...

    Fan-ceee! Ooh la la! You make a smashing couple.

    Kirsty said...

    What a fantastic night. I love it when you go to the trouble of babysitters and it is sooooooo worth it.

    Kirsty said...

    Yeah thats just a piece of dowel. I'm not sure what that box thing is meant to be but I have had it for years. So Hubby just drilled holes each end and you just have to bend the dowel a little as you force the second end back in. And there you have it a ribbon holder!!!!

    nutmeg said...

    Why doesn't my bloglines link to you update? I nearly missed the grand evening out. You and hubby look very nice and extremely happy.

    As to the video of the sick kids I would have been walking with you to the loos where I would have found mascara had been left at home. I would have looked at the table with the laughing girls in amazement but I KNOW I was oblivious of such things at an "earlier" age.

    I too had a few nights out while the girls nanny and poppy stayed. Go on, have another before they leave!

    velcro said...

    you guys look fantastic and I am so intrigued as to this tv appearance!
    Would have welled up at the sick kids video too and would have done even before I became a mum.

    muser said...

    You guys both look fantastic. Sounds like a wonderful night out. Nothing like excellent fake entertainment.

    On a side note:-
    Wow! I can really see AB's features in melon-head. :)

    joanne said...

    You look very glam! How Ace that all those fantastic Aussie celebs were there!I also don't get the giggling girls in the corner - what a great cause - their time will when they "get" the real reason they should be there.

    suburban mom said...

    Oh how fun!

    But I would have been sobbing too. I probably wouldn't have been able to even watch.

    When we did our marathon - they had the fundraising dinner. And I started talking to a lady - she points to the picture of the little boy around her neck. Her little boy who died two years ago. I just got choked up. The tears came and then I couldn't talk anymore.

    I think that's why I can't work with kids when I'm a nurse. It would just hurt too much.

    Kim said...

    My my, you look LOVELY!

    msdramateacherlady said...

    You look soooo pretty! What a fun night out!

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