Tuesday, October 03, 2006

    Sliding Doors


    I coveted the hairstyle then, but lacked the confidence.
    So I went to the HD's today to ask for 'my old hair back' (ie: I can't afford colouring, and letting it grow seems so much easier ).

    So I got a Gwynnie cut from year of yore.

    Unfortunately, Gwynn and I are of a similar vintage, and neither of us are aging well. Apple looks absolutely adorable in this pic, much like my equally adorable son.

    Could it be parents suffer their looks for attractive offspring ?
    We've got to blame something right ?

    So i've got a new, yet outdated look. When poufed out, it actually looks like a young Princess Di in her engagement portrait ( yeGADS, No ! ) But a bit o' putty should take care of that. We'll see tomorrow.

    Anyhoo, she toned me down to a 'dark blonde', which surprised me, as it's essentially my own hair colour. I've always classified myself as a 'brunette', so interesting.

    Mother's Group tomorrow. The proof of the pudding lies here.
    I totally think I look too boyish with short hair ( it's actually razored at the back, so short ! ), and of course I have all those childhood issues of being mistaken for a boy ( don't ask ).

    You'd think boobies would be enough affirmation of womanhood, but no, I need long hair.
    Stop me before I start looking like 'today's Gwynnie' though .. please ...


    muser said...

    I swear you and I are living some sort of parallel lives.
    I had the Gwynnie cut a couple of years after the movie came out.
    Not to mention the amazing similarity re the gender confusion as a child.
    When I was 11, my mum had my hair cut short before we went on a family trip the U.S. She didn't want to have to worry about brushing or doing my hair. Several American wait-staff across the country asked "and what would your son like?" Well, first of all, how about asking me directly? and second of all, I'm wearing a freakin' skirt!!

    Suse said...

    Oh I totally covet the Sliding Doors Gwyneth cut but don't quite have the cheekbones for it ...

    Sorry to hear of your cat's demise. Losing a beloved pet is awful.

    Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

    I currently have the long Gwynnie. I've tried the short Gwynnie but went way too Di instead. Long Gwynnie+rapidly twirling+ clip or elastic = uber-fast up-do for work. Ie, it's easier (on my head) to look after long hair than short.

    ALSO my natural colour is allegedly dark blonde. I fancy it's a tall dark blonde because it's certainly a stranger to me and we haven't met for many years now.

    ALSO traumatised in preschool(in Merrigum) when Mum got me a Mia Farrow haircut - you know, like when she married Frankie? AND a little girl called Wendy told me I looked like A BOY. AND I didn't allow scissors near my hair again until I was 11.

    Sorry about the caps. It's a simple emphasis kind of a night.

    And I am absolutely certain YOUR hair looks fabulous.

    My float said...

    Oh I wish I could wear the Gwyneth hair. I have to settle for the simple shoulder length bob though because 1. i have a round (read fat) face and 2. i have straight flat hair. If I let it grow too long, it looks dreadful.
    I'm with Bec, i'm sure your hair looks great.

    Melody said...

    I used to always go to the hairdressers and ask for a Meg Ryan haircut. Now I kinda have my own individual style that I do love. You have to find a good hairdressers, that is the key!!! And yes, I went through a phase where I was mistaken for a boy. I was so upset (I was in my 20's for goodness sake!) that I went home and cried!

    Stomper Girl said...

    Yes, but where's the photo? I love a good short haircut (like the new posh spice one) but I agree with Suse you need the cheekbones. Also I have an odd face so I mask it with long flowing locks. But I think chicks who do the short hair thing are really cool. Come on, show us show us show us...

    Anonymous said...

    I actually *wanted* to be a boy when I was in kindy and made my mother cut all my hair off so that is was "short, like boy hair". I got over my penis envy relatively quickly and have worn it shoulder length ever since (I have frizzy, unmanageable hair so I like to be able to tie it back).

    carolyn said...

    I am sure your "hair do" looks great, that post was certainly fun.

    nutmeg said...

    I love looking at the "stages of Gwynnie hair do's" or those of Meg Ryan. I love that first Gwyinnie do. Like you (and a lot of people here) I too had a "would that boy like to have a go?" experience when I was 11 I think. I've never had short hair since. But I sooooo love that short Gwynnie do. I'm with Stomper Girl - pictures please?

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