Thursday, October 05, 2006


    Day 4.
    Shaping up.

    It's just one guy. Rides up on his motorbike daily and toils away all day.
    Calls my boy "little dude" and genuinely engages with him. When we leave the house, we give a hearty "Goodbye Man !" and have a bit of a chat before we leave ( usually involves many hand gestures with vague spheres of owner/workership .. .. Daddy .. dig, dig, dig { points to recently dug earth }..... yep, yep, yep .. Mummy { sweeping gesture taking in all of yard } .. yep, yep ... ).

    Good boy sweetie, you know where your bread is buttered ...

    Deck man reminds me of Otto from the Simpsons, but more with-it ;)

    Turned down Co-Ordinator role at Playgroup today. Feel all the more better for it.

    Oh - and you'll have to wait until I put a bit o' lippy on for a haircut piccy ;)
    Still playing with it, but liking it more than the last 'inbetweeny' effort. A bit of putty a day keeps the Princess Di's away and gives it a choppy modern edge. Playgroup approves.


    My float said...

    Once a haircut settles in, it's much better. The deck looks very promising, and what a smart little boy you have who knows to sweep his arm around and say "mummy"! he'll go far!

    meggie said...

    Your deck is looking good.

    Hope the hair settles.

    Mine looks even balder today, if that is possible.

    But my daughter likes it, wishes hers would sit down. I usually just goes spikey when she gets is short.
    SIL didnt even notice, he just ogled the cake!

    Anonymous said...

    Deck man sounds like a good diversion... I think I need one myself (after one week of school holidays I'm going a little stir crazy as I attempt to entertain the throngs!)

    Get that lippy on quick. I want to see your hair!

    Melody said...

    I LOVE a good deck! Yours is starting to look that way! Yippee!

    Like my float said, yes, haircuts look better once they have settled down a bit...

    Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

    There should be more decks. Not just because more deck = less lawn, but that helps!

    We half-decked our last home's courtyard and it worked a treat.

    We have a decent sized veranday at back of new house with two useless garden beds down below it (they're in the only spot on the whole property that gets no sun!) and I was thinking of decking over the one that gets a little bit of morning sun and putting a fish pond in the other with the verandah steps down the middle. Any thoughts onthe merits of two-tier decking?!

    Anonymous said...

    How good does the deck look?
    Love it...
    Look forward to sharing a Chardy on the deck in the arvo sunshine soon.

    suburban mom said...

    Ooooh - I want to see a picture!!!

    suburban mom said...

    Wow, you're pretty harsh on gwyneth, huh? but is that kinda what everyoe thinks? b/c I gotta agree...she hasn't been looking too good lately :)

    Gina said...

    Good for you on saying no to the playgroup coordinator position! "Yes to the best, no to the rest." Totally jealous of your deck.

    Angry Dad said...

    As long as when he left on Friday he didn't say "My name is Otto, and I like to get Blotto" you should be fine. Good to hear he's so sociable!

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