Sunday, July 30, 2006

    A Job Well Done !

    This after-work wine is going straight to my head, so forgive me if I seem muddled ...

    VERY happy with how this weekend panned out - the weather stayed clear and we got heaps done. This pic is of the skip we hired, BEFORE AB jumped in and stomped it all down and we added the EIGHT garbage bags of assorted leaves and crap I raked up between 9am - 12.30pm today ( yay me for effort ! ) .. and then the extra 3 bags of grass from the lawnmower this afternoon.

    I am also happy to report NO spider sightings. Not one bug-gy gross out at all.
    But man, we are farqued. We could do more, of course, but right now, this wine and the heater under this desk are just tooooo melting moments .. I might just nod off to ZZzzzZzzzzZZ ...
    My limbs feel all rubbery and floppy..

    Next on the agenda is a skip for all the other yard waste that is not organic - all the bathroom pipes, the toilet pan .... the corrugated iron, the absolute crap.

    Feels good though.
    Then again, in a normal week 'bin night' is my favourite day, so i'm a bit weird like that.
    Collect crap ? Enjoy keeping junk 'just in case' ?.

    Not on my turf, baby .....


    sage said...

    Here from Michele's Good for you (I hate yard work).

    This is my week's story on yard work and probably deserves a blog post (we spent the week at a lake and came home yesterday evening). Our normal lawn mower is on vacation, so he got his friend to mow our yard this week. We were gone and so were our neighbors and he mowed the wrong yard! He came back yesterday and mowed ours after his mother asked him what he'd been doing since he obviously hadn't mowed our yard! I'm sure our neighbors will be pleased too.

    Damselfly said...

    h&b, I finally found your blog! It took me long enough.

    Congrats on your yard overhaul, and I hope you're not too sore and tired tomorrow! (That's when I usually feel the effects of overworking my back and other muscles.)

    Melody said...

    The thought of Spiders always have me on my toes, when out in the garden. Maybe that's part of the reason why I have been an apartment dweller for the last 2 years? *giggle giggle*

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