Saturday, April 29, 2006


    Have been doing lots of it.

    It's satisfying, but also, my house was looking pretty spesh after all the effort in making it look desirable to sell, and now it just looks bare - no pics on the wall, no books on the shelves, empty cupboards etc. A pity, I liked my show-home :(

    Still got lot to go, but we've been going gradually, so I have lots of time to play and do other things with Master B too. When not packing, we've been basically living at the park, taking advantage of the beautiful weather we've been having.

    Will be nice to live closer to the park - sometimes I really can't be bothered, but it's gotta be done. C's favourite word ATM is "park". He'll come up and tap you "Park, park, park" ... how can I resist :)

    Also, we were loaned one of those trikes with the 'adult handle', so we've been peddling about town instead of using the pusher. Nice new perspective for C, although I did get worried yesterday: a 2hr pedal ( his insistence, didn't want to go home ) for a pedalling novice ( including a play at the park ) pretty much buggered him,and I was worried we were so far from home. I ended up taking him home via the most stimulating route, but he just sat like a lump on the trike, no hands, sucking his thumb, and letting his feet hang.

    Poor bubba ;)
    We did make it home though without him falling off his perch, which was a relief ;)

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