Friday, April 07, 2006

    Fame via dead relatives ..

    Ordered C.'s b'day cake - a 'Jungle' design, so will be interesting how it turns out ;)

    I am not a confident cake-maker, coming from a family that never baked, and my husband and I rarely get excited over baked goods. The several times i've gone to the trouble ... have all been rather nice .. but we don't eat that kind of stuff, and so it ends up in the trash - it doesn't give me much opportunity or desire to hone my skills !

    I also got an email from my mum, who found a dead famous rellie on the internet:

    In her words:
    " now i have a Collingwood Captain whose career ended in disgrace, on my mother's side, and a test cricketer who still holds a record for a six at Lords, who killed himself, on my father's side.

    ahhh, family :) "

    At least when I compare notes with others, it seems everyone has a screwed-up family, so that makes it a little more bearable :)

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