Friday, April 07, 2006

    And here's my other famous rellie..

    the disgraced Collingwood Captain:,%20Collingwood,%20North%20Melbourne

    What my mum says:

    " Collingwood brought Charlie and his parents & siblings (the whole family) from Kalgoorlie to Melbourne so that Charlie could play for them. the 'disgrace' was that he was supposed to have 'thrown' a grand final.

    He apparently had the ball and kicked it towards the opposition goal, where it was marked & goaled and Collingwood lost the grand final.
    My grandmother (his little sister), maintained that he was just sick on the day and didn't know what was going on. According to her, he got out of his sick bed to play and just wasn't himself and so didn't know what was going on. She blames the club for playing him when they knew he was sick.

    Also, it was in the days when John Wren (an infamous rich guy .. mostly criminal money), ran Melbourne and 'owned' Collingwood.
    If Collingwood won, and JW thought you'd played a good game, he might give you some cash, but it was way before player payments.

    Again, according to my grandma, Charlie was involved in the very early days of trying to get a players association together, (which JW & the clubs were against).
    He was particularly trying to get medical cover for players because many players sustained injuries which not only stopped them from playing, but also stopped them from working, thereby putting their families (and themselves), into destitution, reduced to living off handouts from well-off fans (like JW).

    Anyway, again, according to Grandma, he was a scape-goat for the loss, and they decided to get the 'troublemaker' out of Collingwood as well.
    How true any of these stories are, I don't really know, but Grandma was passionate about the way he was treated."

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    Anonymous said...

    Great story! Nice to have a bit of Melbourne history in your past. I'll have to look into my Collingwood-player ancestors and check out their 'story'.

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