Saturday, April 01, 2006

    B'day Plans

    All organised !!
    What a load off - house sold, son not lost in the aftermath ;)

    A. had the day off yesterday, so we checked out a Playcentre we hadn't been to before.
    Talk about impressed !!! So clean and well-run, and nice ambiance to boot ( calming Norah Jones in the cafe, where you could have a nice wine & salad and the kids are all in sight - ( no hidden corners for them to be beaten up in .. )

    It is also a Jungle-themed Playcentre, which is good, as this is the theme I wanted for C's B'day anyway, so everything's just falling into place nicely. The price was surprisingly reasonable, and not much more $$ than holding it at home, but without the hassle - i'm really looking forward to it.

    This house is just too small and boring for active 2yr olds - especially the boys.
    AB will be home again tomorrow, so hopefully we'll take a walk down to our main strip and order the cake from the same place we did last year - it was so fabulous and tasted a dream.

    We're mainly going to be having his little friends from Mother's Group, and A's parents and perhaps a couple of others, if they can possibly make it on a weekday. I didn't want a weekend when the centre is overloaded with the possibility of other people's pushy brats giving our kids a hard time ;)

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