Friday, March 31, 2006


    Yesterday at Playgroup, I was standing back, watching happy kids at play, smiling to myself when another woman, sitting across the way, asked me if my back hurt ?

    Me: " um, no .. do I look like it should ?"
    Her: "yes, your hips are out"
    Me: "oh, really ?!?!?!?"
    ( looks down at hips that were perfectly normal only seconds before, self-conscious now )
    " No-one's every pointed that out to me before. Are you a physiotherapist or something ?"
    Her: "Yes"

    And then something happened and I had to move on .. not unhappily .. and started to imagine my twisted form hobbling away, my back starting to niggle ....

    Anyway, I am so sure it was the pants I was wearing yesterday - I think they were machined a little wonky.
    Took a good look at the bod in the mirror this morning in a different pair of pants and proclaimed myself symetrical .. but the niggling doubt remains .... yes, i'm sure it was the pants ( that I previously thought quite suited me .. )

    Note to self: avoid further confrontation with this woman to preserve contents of wallet and sanity of mind ;)

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