Friday, March 17, 2006

    Our Lawnmower Guy ..

    Has become *really* sloppy since we've decided to sell the house.
    I mean, his work is good .. but when he turns up is another thing.

    I think his life is in a bit of a mess with a marriage breakup, bills and his laid-back lifestyle ( surfing and smoking pot ), so I think his memory is pretty much shot at times.

    Anyway, with 2 weeks since the last mow, and the house being open from tomorrow, LMG ( Lawnmowing Guy ) was a no-show ( he comes on Fridays .. usually .. ). We've got no number for him since he split from his wife, but we know where he lives, so did a drive-by. AB says there was about 10days worth of old mail in the box and some old newspapers on the step, so we figure he's 'gone surfin'

    AB has called in a favour from a friend. I guess this is the end of LMG :(
    I will feel a bit awkward explaining it when I next see him, but I guess it's been on the horizon for a while now ...

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