Saturday, March 18, 2006

    Another OFI

    18 people today - a good turnout.

    Not enough land/too small = 6ppl
    Returns with great interest = 4ppl
    Local stickynosers: 1 ppl
    "Just started looking" : 2ppl

    The rest are misc. things like 'no comment'. Probably too blown away in awe to speak.
    Yes, i'm sure that's it.

    C. and I went up the street and put some photos in for developing, then went and grabbed a choccy milkshake and a toasted sandwich to share in a cafe ( yum ! ), then went and watched a train come in, back to pic up photos and home ! I wish i'd hid around the corner and watched now - if they all came at once it would have been cramped !

    Been a bit slack on the piccy front too - blog's are boring without pics, so here's one AB took on his mobile yesterday of the Master...

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