Tuesday, March 14, 2006

    He Set Fire to the House

    We had a fire in the house this morning.
    C. found my only un-safety-plugged powerpoint in the house this morning, plugged an electric heater into it, and fed it coloured pencils. I turned around to see smoke, and in 2 secs the whole unit was on fire.

    Pulled plug from wall, tried to smother - didn't work. Fire higher, so managed to unlock back door and throw onto dew-y grass without burning anyone or anything, or getting melted plastic on my leg. The house STUNK ! ( on a totally selfish level, thank goodness there is no OFI today .. next one tomorrow... )

    Doused with a bucket of water on the lawn.

    He LOVES power points, turning things on and off, putting plugs into holes etc. Bloody dangerous kid !!!

    Took me forever to stop shaking in anger/fear etc.

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