Monday, March 13, 2006

    Back from Fiji ....

    A good holi - pics will follow.

    Frantically cleaned house before we left ( our first OFI's would be while we were away ). Then AB took the cats to our boarding place - I had made the bookings weeks ago ). He gets there, it is shut for RENOVATIONS with no emergency number ??? His mobile phone dies and he ends up driving around with the cats in the car, looking for boarding places with vacancies that are still open on a Sunday late afternoon. Meanwhile, I am working the phones here, leaving messages on AB's dead mobile, and C. starts trashing the place ( arrghh ! ). I eventually find a place and A. is able to access the message on his phone. Meanwhile ( I found out only today when I get back to no phone messages ), Telstra also cut off our landline phone on this particular day, after we had not paid some bill - although we don't recall receiving it, a late notice OR a disconnection letter ... judging by the speed they got everything back up again this morning, I think it was their screw-up ..

    So frazzled, we leave in an almighty rush - no time for dinner, to get to the airport at 9pm for our midnight flight. Flight delayed until 4am. They let us in the Qantas Lounge and gave us some food vouchers as an apology, but it still wasn't much fun.

    Lucky when we got to Fiji, there were no more dramas - only fun & relaxation - *phew* ! :)

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