Tuesday, February 28, 2006

    How Bizarre, how bizarre..

    Got a call from the R/E Agent yesterday.

    It seems the people we have bought our new home from are on the lookout for a new home of their own, in the area. Something smaller ... low maintenence...

    The R/E Agent talked to them about their wants/ needs .. showed them some properties on the books .. all which were nixed, generally for having 'too much land' to care for. Then it dawned on him .. their ideal property .. was ... our current home ... !

    How freaky would it be if we simply 'swapped' homes with the people we bought from ?
    It's just boggling my brain at the moment .. too freaky ....

    In other news, house will be on the internet as from tomorrow.
    Auction date has been set as April 2nd, 12.30pm.

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