Saturday, February 25, 2006

    The Grand Prix Decision..

    The R/E Agent tried to talk me back into an April 1st auction yesterday.
    I told him if anything went wrong I would forever feel I had jinxed myself, so no.

    The thing is, he only just found out the 2nd ( auction date ) is also the Grand Prix Motor Racing Weekend main day here in Melbourne. Everyone was undecided if this was important or not.
    I hate car racing, so it's a moot point for me .. if it was the horsies, i'd feel differently ;)

    So the decision has been left with us. It seems easy just to push it out another week ( Easter to consider then too ? ), but it also cuts into the settlement terms we are comfortable negotiating with the buying party... which again may be a moot point, if they want 30days, for example..

    Personally, I think we should push it out another week. As it stands, our first weekend of OFI's is a weekend we will be away, and I have to rely on a kind friend to open up for me, air the place, turn on the stereo, light some oils, and buy fresh flowers. While this is very generous, it is also a bit of a pain for her i'm sure, and i'll be elsewhere, angst-ridden and fretting .. :)

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