Monday, May 03, 2010

    Reece: Your Bathroom, Your Life

    Wow, how cool ?! - i'm pleased to announce our new bathroom has made it as a finalist in the Reece/House&Garden Magazine "Your Bathroom, Your Life" Competition!!



    If you'd like to vote for your favourite bathroom ( hint: i'd be very happy if that vote went to bathroom #6 ) you can click on either of those pics above and it will take you to the Reece site.

    And the bonus in all of this is that it's all win:win. By voting, you automatically go into the running for $5k of Reece Product yourself. Mmmm .. $5k of sexy sparkly new taps that don't leak, or tiles that aren't cracked, or perhaps burnt orange in hue.

    I'd spend my $5k on new laundry fittings ( the taps in there look so gross you don't want to touch them without rubber gloves, and perhaps some tongs for good measure.. )

    Go to it, have fun, and GOOD LUCK!



    Fairlie - said...

    I've been and I've voted (yes, yes Bathroom #6)

    Hope I win the $5,000....I was just in a Reece store on the weekend, starting plans for some bathroom makeover action of my own.

    Julie-Ann said...

    I have my fingers and toes crossed for you:)

    Kirsty said...

    Ummmm... just a little bit jealous of your bathroom.

    congrats and I hope you win!

    Melody said...

    Your bathroom is ace. I know, cause I've peed in there. Lol!!

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