Monday, April 26, 2010



    Hello all!

    Well, i'm a little surprised to be here, but today I am 40 ... that seems so old.

    The other night I went to a Spandau Ballet/ Tears for Fears Concert ( which, I notice, when I tell people this, I hide my mouth behind my hand, in an embarrassed little gesture ), but we did have a good time, and I didn't even know I *liked* Tears for Fears .. i'm pretty sure I thought they were pretty naff at the time .. but there I was, singing along, having a ball.

    Reminds me of a few years ago ( ok, about 10 ) when Bon Jovi were in town and a girlfriend and I got free tix .. oh the eye-roll! oh, the teasing I gave her, a fan. And then, they got on stage .. and I knew every song - I was a Cowboy, a Loaded Six-String on my back..

    I don't bag Bon Jovi any more.
    They put on a pretty mean concert.

    Anyway, in that time-honoured blog-slash-internet way, today i'd like to offer a giveaway.

    IF you'd like a free photographic session - be you pregnant, of the baby, small child, or family persuasion, be you a couple in love, be you a teen, tween, aspiring actor, family pet, or student..

    IF you live in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, or be willing to travel to a location within those suburbs..

    IF you be a fan of mine on facebook..

    Then go here, leave a comment.
    I will select a winner at random at the end of this week.

    I think this will work anyway - i'm not really 'at one' with facebook, but i'm keen to see it this will work. I have my doubts and expect lots of 'what, where do I comment?' type comments, and expect i've probably screwed it royally, but hey, i'm going to call that 'half the fun of being here'.

    You may call it otherwise.




    Small talk: Offer is for a photographic sitting valued at $150.00. Session includes a complimentary sitting for an individual or family for a timespan of 60-90minutes, a keepsake 5x7" print, and is valid anytime in 2010.


    Anonymous said...

    Happy 40th Birthday! Loving all your photos, congratulations on the business as well. Holly & Scolly xx

    M said...

    Oh my! 40! Happy Birthday! Happens to the best of us. May your forties be your best decade yet.

    Janet said...

    Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your forties - they are an excellent decade for women.

    Elizabeth said...

    Happy Birthday, You!
    That photo is so cute.

    ThirdCat said...

    Congratulations! Happy Birthday! Yay!
    And here's to many more

    Michelle said...

    Happy 40th!! I think it feels great to finally be able to say "I am 40" - rather than the past few years heaving a heavy sigh and then saying "I am nearly 40".

    Glad you enjoyed the concert.

    Katrina said...

    Hey Leanne! Happy Birthday for yest. Cute photo! Glad you had a good day.

    Quick quest...would you like a part of your home to be featured on the new blog? Drop me a note if you would be happy to do this?

    Katrina :)

    Anonymous said...

    Look at you with your rosy cheeks!

    Had I been closer I would have come along to sing with TfF and SB too. How very cool it is to be daggy sometimes.

    Happy birthday.

    Stacey said...

    Happy birthday to you. Did you know I'm still in my 30s? Oh yes.
    BTW - I never thought DB looked like you until I saw this photo. Very DB like indeed. And you know I think he's cute.

    Mary said...

    Happy Birthday from me too..

    and exactly what Janet said!

    SadieandLance said...

    Happy Birthday!

    Melody said...

    I must say, you've aged very well.

    You haven't grown in height much since that pic have you? (*Melody runs away and hides*)

    Happy 40th LeeBee. Glad you had an awesome time at the concert - I reckon I would have loved it too.

    Karen said...

    Happy birthday to you!
    I still hear people tak about someone who is 40 and think 'oh that's getting on' then remember - oh yeah - me too.
    Hope you got spoiled rotten.

    MissyBoo said...

    Welcome to the fun side of the hill ;)

    My weren't you a cutie - can definately see who your boys look like here!

    Meggie said...

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful, fun filled, successful decade of 40s!

    Louise said...

    Happy Birthday!! Wow 40 is soooo young. I have 46 to look forward to this weekend - eeek!! I hope you had a brilliant day and I'm sure your 40's will be most fulfilling!!

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