Thursday, September 07, 2006


    Fireplace was installed today - apparently it was a straightforward job, but it still took from 9am - 4pm !! Install Guy was lovely.

    "I don't know tea, I only have Earl Grey" I explained apologetically.

    "I love Earl Grey!"

    "It looks a bit dark, I hope it isn't too stong", I say

    "I love strong tea!" he rebuffs.

    What a lovely guy. I reckon he would have proclaimed some lukewarm greywater: "just delicious!".

    Some notes: there are always issues with Agnews apparently.
    Word up for those in the Melb market.

    The lovely Viet guy returned with the right mantle this time, and Install guy said it was still out a bit ( but he could work with it .. he just laughed and shook his head ).
    The hearth return ( the little bits of granite that go round the sides ) were also incorrect.
    Install Guy recommended not calling Agnews ( "they won't help" ), but instead calling his boss direct. Boss-guy will get some new pieces gratis, no probs at all.
    There was also an important chimney piece missing. I had no idea, and my invoice showed no-one had bothered to sell us one. Lucky Boss-guy had a spare at his house.

    So my lovely mopped floorboards of two days ago got covered in about 3mm of dust. The traintrack blu-tacked to the dining table, covered in dust.
    Bookshelf, dust, the couch I forgot to cover, dusty, etc etc.

    BUT ... my son helped vacuum and mop up the residue ... and

    We got to read Hairy McClary books and Goodnight Gorilla by the glowing light of a gorgeous fireplace, even though no fire was needed .. it was ... so .. exactly .. what we .. wanted.

    It's a winter room, a book room, a quiet room, a bliss room.

    I love it.


    Anonymous said...

    That fireplace looks gorgeous! I am completely envious!!!

    lazy cow said...

    Lovely fireplace, and I'm envious of your shiny hardwood floors (ours are baltic pine and so soft, they get new dents in them every day).

    muser said...

    that *is* spectacular!

    srp said...

    Here from Michele.

    That is a great fireplace and I'm sure many happy hours will be spent in front of it. And wonderful that your son will help clean the house, even if only with a play vacuum. Perhaps you can keep this going until he's 18. ;)

    Anonymous said...

    Oh my! It's beautiful. So cozy, so warm... perfect.

    Michele sent me, hello!

    My float said...

    oh how beautiful! what a perfect relaxing scene. may you enjoy many perfect nights in front your blazing fire.

    Anonymous said...

    Oh how nice. And nothing could surely beat hairy McCleary by candle ight,except, prehaps, The Very Hungry Caterpillar?

    Stomper Girl said...

    you can't beat a beautiful fire on a cold winter's night! Feels like you'll still be getting a bit of use out of it with this sort of weather

    shpprgrl said...

    Your home looks so cozy! I want to be there!

    Anonymous said...

    Your fireplace looks amazing, and as for your son cleaning up... well, I imagine his willingness will be short lived! I can't remember the last time my little brothers *offered* to clean.

    Damselfly said...

    Your room looks so great! The floors gleam. Can I move in?

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