Tuesday, September 05, 2006

    And tonight we dine in the lounge !

    Hosting Mother's Group tomorrow ... always a good excuse to clean up the sloth and do some stuff around the place.

    Spent the morning Blu-tac'ing this railway setup to the dining room table, and then being co-erced into playing for a fair bit more of the day.
    I must say, I do enjoy the role of Head Engineer when it comes to track development.
    Often, when i'm creating, I fantasise about what amazing twists and turns I could accomplish if only my Junior Stationmaster would take a midday nap now & again.

    It might be a yukky day tomorrow, so if the boys can't sandpit, then hopefully this will keep the troops entertained. I'm imagining the argy-bargy now: Who has the best train ?, I want the red train, You took my car !

    In other news, I have been sans-oven for a week now. We think it's a fusebox/electricity problem, but our fusebox is so old, we have no idea which end is up. I also only have one working powerpoint in the kitchen, so I have to disconnect and reconnect appliances as required. I think it happened last week when I simultaneously tried to boil the jug, make a fancy latté, and heat a bottle of milk in the microwave .. bzzt !! Oops.

    Now I have all these lemons, just sitting around waiting to be made into yummy treats ..


    Anonymous said...

    i don't understand the connection between lemons and treats and lack of power. are you trying to rind me up?

    LBA said...

    Pith off.

    Notice how I made no Lemon Delicious or Lemon Merangue Pie for YOU during your stay.

    No.Lemon.Treats.For.YOU !

    x Kiss x

    My float said...

    Lemons in a bowl, very beautiful! How did your playgroup go? Did they battle over the trains? You're very brave!

    Anonymous said...

    Last time I had playgroup at my house (Feb 2006) someone braught their pesky gastro baby and infected 8 of us, always the way.

    Anonymous said...

    At least Spring has sprung and before you know it, summer will be here. When I lived in Melb we used to host our Mother's Group in the Royal Botanical Gardens. It was lovely to say the least... I hope your day went well... (Love the photos!)

    Stomper Girl said...

    Another train track house! If the grown-ups ever start with the track-laying at our place, we get weird obsessions like having a track where you can always change direction, ie not just get stuck going clockwise. I like the idea of blue-tacking the track down, will remember it for sure.

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