Thursday, January 24, 2013

    Don't Dream It ( Plan It )

    I'm not sure if it's modern life, early onset alzheimers, , or the fact i'm not a very good grown-up .. but I am awful, awful, awful at noting, planning, keeping track of things.

    Now it's back-to-school time again though, I need to get my house in order.  For it's not just my schedule that needs organising .. it's all those notes from school, and playdates, money to bring, things to do/buy/make, places to be, et-cet-era..

    For example, I made arrangements to take swimming lessons for the little ones with a friend.  Then she couldn't make the day allocated because they had kinder.  So I told her to change the date and let me know.  That was about 2weeks ago.  And i've just noted NOW the new day clashes with OUR kinder days.

    I'm sure this doesn't happen to organised mums.

    Which brings us to Personal Planners.

    Personal Planners has generously given me the opportunity to give away one of their custom-made planners or notebooks.


    I've been playing along on their site this morning - and there's endless design possibilities.
    Want to upload your own image - perhaps a photo or your own design?  You can do that.

    Or: simply use a premade template and leave the design effort in the too-hard basket and still end up with a pretty, personalised product. 


    You can change colour, text and design on front/back cover as well as inlay.
    There are clever boxes for to-do lists, gym sessions, timetables and preschool sessions, and perhaps the best idea is the way you can import friend’s and family member’s birthdays into your diary - direct from facebook.  Too easy!

    Finally, your diary is printed and delivered direct to your door.  Tick that off your list!

    Here are a few things that I like about these planners:

    ·         Design the front/back cover

    ·         Customise the inside to suit your style & needs.

    ·         Add friends & family members birthdays

    ·         Choose between 4 different sizes

    ·         Pick the start date ( June?  October?  When *does* your year start? )

    ·         And best of all its fun and easy!


    Yes, You Would?

    Well, you're in luck, my friend, because here's what you can do:

    - LIKE  the Personal Planner and h&b facebook pages ( it's nice to be liked! )

    - LEAVE  me a comment here - tell me how organised you are, or aren't, or how crazy your life is, or a funny story about either, or just that you're a bit broke atm, or that you think your dog communicates with aliens.  Or just say Hi!  ( I know you're strapped for time )

    - SHARE  using the social media buttons directly under this post - tweet it, Google Plus-One it ... whatever your preference..

    Do all, do one, do some .. but don't do none, or you won't win ( sorry, but thems the rules )

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    I'll announce the winner on the 4th Febuary - GOOD LUCK!


    - Competition is open to all readers, local or International
    - Prize can not be exchanged for money
    - Prize donated kindly by the folks at Personal Planners in conjunction with h&b
    - Competition opens now, and will run to
    4th February, 2013
    - Winner receives: a gift card for any planner in any size, and shipping is pre-paid.
    - Judge's decision is final


    Anonymous said...

    thankyou!! :D

    I am pretty organised, but I haven't bought a diary yet as they are either ugly or too expensive!


    Super Sarah said...

    People always say how organised I am and wonder how I do it, the truth is I am actually a very lazy person and bring organised allows me more time for lying on the couch! A

    h&b said...

    Hi Pam!
    Agree that diary time can be hard .. i'm pretty fussy and i'll be excited by a perfect exterior and a perfectly crappy interior, or vice versa! :/

    Sarah, your comment made me laugh .. I need some of your lazy fo sho! :D

    ~brookeb~ said...

    I always read your blog 'Benty' and you do make me laugh. I love the idea of a planner with my little one going to school - it has nothing to do with organising my social life, just hers lol.

    Fiona Carson said...

    I write stuff in my (ugly) diary, and enter other stuff into my phone calendar, but do I ever check to see if things are conflicting? No.

    Lou said...

    Oops - I totally commented but forgot to sign in soz!!

    Loove the diaries -and I am constantly paying the price for being sooo last minute and un organised!

    Lou said...

    OMG - Love them! I am soo unorganised!!

    Kris El bayeh said...

    Love your blog Missy. So much I can relate too and love your style and watching whats going on in your world.
    I have a crazy year coming up with Tafe, 3 kids and a husband who works 6 days a week and long hours as well as trying to run my own business and any help especially if its pretty is much welcome.
    I would love to win this planner so I dont loose any of my children or my mind. Thank you and have a great day.

    Pam said...

    Tres awesome! Love the customised entries.

    Anonymous said...

    People always say I'm organised, but underneath I'm a mess - would love to find/create a diary/planner the way I want it!


    Lyn Walkerden said...

    I am so disorganised and I'm terrified by the though of the year ahead. I'm going back to work full-time, selling AND buying a house, moving to the country and still doing the regular jobs of a mother of 2. I NEED this planner to give me a glimmer of hope!

    Anonymous said...

    Love, love, love!!!
    I am a busy mum of 2 that is studying nursing & could definitely use a planner that I can customise my way and have some gorgeous color to brighten my very hectic days :)
    Fingers crossed!
    Anita Witherow.

    B is building a house said...

    Hope I win :)


    Suzie Renda said...

    Just what I need... Thanks for the opportunity Leanne. :)

    RosieRose said...

    See how organized I am I needed you to remind me to enter the comp and share the love.... Oh btw thanks 4 popping in to my blog... Next time u get offered a 99c giant roll of brown paper u know who to call.....

    Anonymous said...

    I meant to enter this, but I wasn't organised enough to do it :) I actually bought a diary but I haven't touched it yet coz it's big and ugly. I need something pretty and good.

    PS I'm not really anonymous, I'm your bed buddy Jayne :)

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