Tuesday, January 15, 2013

    Day One: Done & Dusty

    So I wouldn't normally post two days in a row ( hold your horses, don't get too excited! ), but it seems the first day back from tradie holidays goes off with a bit of gusto...


    Also, while I was there, I found the plans floating around in a wheelbarrow, so snapped a shot for people to get an idea where we are going with things.

    Think of them as a guideline only though - there were compromises I had to make due to where the upstairs may one day go ( words like "load bearing" ), and things like that. Also, I hate the pantry/cabinets and laundry set-up, but figured i'd fix them later on, rather than do this back-n-forth dance with the draftsman, a dude who's probably not even aware that we are no longer communicating.


    So it's pretty basic I guess, but will make a big difference.
    I'm taking out the double doors that lead from the living to my office ( listed on the plans as "dining" ), and placing them out in the hall, which will have a nice continuity about it I think.

    Massive WIR - yay! ( will be for 4 people though, until we go up )

    Door to the boy's room will be moved to "under the stairs" as the old entrance will now be part of my WIR.

    And a kitchen.

    And that's it really!!

    What do you think?  Now's the time to speak if you've got a suggestion!!



    Melody said...

    Fabulous. Lovin' it.

    Love that photo with the boys. "Woah, it's a big hole in the ceiling. What's that pink stuff Mum?"....

    little miss olive said...

    wow..things are looking good!

    i would love to renovate, but don't think i could deal with all the mess, living somewhere else, planning, handing out all that money...and how do you choose which tile/tap/flooring/colour etc from ALL those choices out there?!?

    but i love it when other people have the guts to do it! the renovator in me can live vicariously through your blog. heh. :)

    Uli said...

    Looks great!

    Frogdancer said...

    I drove past and you were out the front. I would've stopped to say hi but you looked like you were embroiled in talk with a tradie so I kept on going.
    You won't know yourself when it's all finished!

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