Friday, April 22, 2011

    One Project At A Time..


    I'm too lazy to dig up any before pics, so you'll just have to beleive me ( or perhaps you've been to my place, or remember those past pics ) that the new backyard is so far LOOKING AWESOME !

    OMG, I am so happy with this! The design came to me in a dream, and I awoke and quickly fleshed it out in a sketch, showed the bloke, conferred, got excited, and started to do stuff. It's gradual, like everything. We save for each bit ( be it pebbles, or plants etc ) and piecemeal it together as we go. We do it all ourselves, after work, on weekends. Ok, or he does mostly, and I bring the Coola Cordial and point a lot.

    It's also a living thing, and thus, the plans sometimes change as we realise this, or improve on that, or come across some immovable obstacle. It's how I like to work, and why I find people that do whole houses amazing. I'm not a good multitasker and find it hard to think about the perfect BATHROOM tap, when someone wants to know what TILE for the laundry, or if the upstairs CARPET should be shag, or sisal or beige or blue.

    ONE THING AT A TIME. Or I kinda hyperventiliate.
    And compromising or making quick decisions makes me feel like i'm drowing. I like to live with things and change things bit by bit, one project at a time.

    As much as i'd like to have a brand spanker with everything clean and new :)


    Anonymous said...

    I love that moment of standing back, hands on hips, and looking at a job well done. I'm doing it right now - even though it's all your work, not mine.

    You should feel very impressed with yourselves.

    M said...

    I'm with you. Having just come through a complete home renovation I can't stand all the I prefer to do one thing at a time. Now that we're back in the house I've gone into slow down think about it mode and I'm much more at ease.

    Your yard is indeed looking awesome!

    caramaena said...

    It looks awesome already - can't wait to see it when it's done :)

    Megan said...

    We just bought a heap of plant from Little Gem Nursery. They were fantastic with helping me choose what i needed, everything was really well priced and they even delivered for free as i couldn't fit everything i wanted in. I stumbled upon them at Mulgrave market where they have a stand every second week.

    h&b said...

    thanks guys! and Megan - thanks for the tip, about to google right now ....

    h&b said...

    Hi Megan - hopefully you will see this as I couldn't find an email address for you ... but are they in Gembrook? I couldn't find them on the MMM stallholders list?

    kim at allconsuming said...

    Holy crap dude! I remember when you blogged about the dream! And the sketch! And here it is! And how freakin' awesome it is too. Snaps to you lovely lady, it is fantastic.

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