Thursday, February 17, 2011

    Dear Reading Recovery Teacher..

    Sorry if I seemed a bit curt this morning, but let me just recap for you:

    - When you called me two days ago to let me know of your wonderful programme that my son would be starting with you, I was thrilled. When we chatted extensively about his history and his various speech programmes, therapists, when he started to speak, I was delighted. You seemed really interested in getting him on track, your programme sounded great, and the eventual outcome positive.

    - Since we were on the phone for a good 30minutes and had exhausted every question, every piece of history, I must admit I was surprised that you wanted to tee up an appt to 'discuss things further' .. there really was nothing else to talk about, but I figured you wanted to meet me face to face, and that's ok too. I was pleased with your 8.45am appointment, and said how that worked well with me and why.

    I couldn't help but think how lucky we were to live in a country that seems to take such an active interest in my son's academic progress and who take steps to ensure he keeps up to a level suitable to his age group.

    - So this morning when I rock up at 8.45am and stand outside your glass-walled office, I was surprised to hear and see you deep in conversation with another. You didn't seem to be wrapping up, and you did a really good job of pretending I was not there. The school bell rang, and then classes started filling in and it was now 9.15am. I had to leave soon, but I wanted you to know I kept *my* appointment time.

    - When you came out and said 'oh, are you waiting to see me?' and I replied I was there for our 8.45am appointment, you didn't apologise, but unhurredly collected your session book and took your time fluffing about. Another kindly teacher's aide gave my 2yr old some paper and crayons so we could talk. I'm pretty sure you don't like little kids, but that's ok, i'm starting to get the feeling I don't like you much either.

    - This is where it kinda falls apart, where as before it was just a bit ratty around the edges. It's true maybe we are diametrically opposed, with your slow ways and slow talking ( I swear it made me speak extra fast ), but you sat down and asked me the same questions we had been through on the phone.

    The conversation goes like this:

    She - So tell me about MC ?
    Me - ?? What would you like to know ? ( huh ? )
    She - Were you surprised to get a call from me the other day ?
    Me - ?? Well, no, like I said, MC's been in Speech therapy programmes since he was 18mo old
    She - So he's had professional assessment then?
    me - um, yes, as I said on the phone, he's seen 4 different therapists
    She - oh yes, but I didn't take notes then, could you recap for me now?
    me - (tersely, quickly, rattles off everything )


    She - ok, so this is the programme ( blah-de-blah ) and i'll see Jack daily ..
    me - "MC"
    She - ah yes, MC .. so i'll see MC daily for 30minutes...

    You went on to call him Jack again a second time after that too. That's ok, I bet you see a lot of kids and etc, but really, I think you're a bit off with the freaking fairies.

    Finally, as icing on the cake of mutual love we were sharing, you shushed my 2yr old, who held up a drawing and said in a normal/not loud voice "Look Mummy, I draw you!" with a big beaming smile. I ignored your uncalled for shush and complimented him on his lovely drawing skills and turned to her and said "he's been waiting for a while and he's only 2" to which she replied she wouldn't want him disrupting the class ??!??

    Um, lady? Get a fucking grip.

    I hope you're better at Reading Recovery than you are at communications..

    ( My Boys, Feb 2011 )


    Shannon said...

    and to think its only week two of school, lets just hope she was having a freaked out morning??

    Stacey said...

    Some people really shouldn't work with kids. Or adults either in the case of this bird.

    Karen said...

    And she offers assistance in communication?!?? Ironic isn't it.
    You did well to hang around I say.
    I hope this was her worst day and things get better.

    melissa said...

    Urghh - I hope she was just having a really, really bad day.

    Melody said...

    Bloody hell.

    Hope you feel a little better after a rant. Rants are always good for the soul. (And a complaint won't go astray either I don't think.)

    h&b said...

    I did feel better after a rant, thankyou ;)

    I should have known by her weird affected 'off with the fairies' phonecall that she was a bit of a fruit, but I thought she had probably called a lot of people who were less than pleased at being in the bottom 20% of the class and was being overly joyous to counteract any insulted parents.

    But I seriously hate to repeat myself, and I seriously hate fluffers .. that old saying - poop or get off the pot? yeah.

    < crankypants :p >

    summer pickles said...

    oh no. this sounds crap. sadly, they're out there... doing these jobs for the wrong reasons, or they're over it, or just having a really cruddy day. but, either way, you shouldn't have to tell your story more than once, least of all to the same person. eurgh. the worst. hope things improve and that she is a totally brilliant reading recovery teacher.

    Michelle said...

    Teachers expect kids to be on time - they should be too!!..I am!!

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