Monday, October 11, 2010


    Yesterday marked 2years since my first photoshoot.
    Naturally, because I like to jump in the deep end(?) I started not with family & friends, but a complete stranger.

    And it wasn't half bad.

    Yesterday I was photographing a wedding in the Yarra Valley, and it was gorgeous.

    Cake on 365 Project

    I'm sure the lovely couple won't mind if I share some of their cake here to celebrate my own little milestone..




    Melody said...

    Nom, nom, nom. Thanks for sharing.

    Uli said...

    Congrats on the anniversary!

    Are you sure you haven't been doing this forever - in a good way?

    And the cake looks fabulous.

    Angie said...

    Love, just found this most gorgeous blog of yours!!! Hello, you write so well. Keep it going - it's great!! xx

    Aussie-waffler said...

    Your photos are magical Lea, jumping in the deep end didn't hurt you one little bit. x

    h&b said...

    thanks girls! :D

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