Thursday, March 25, 2010


    Tap, tap - anyone there ?

    I know, I know, my poor neglected blog - the whole reason for my new all-consuming career ... and yet, neglect. I owe you so much.

    Last Sunday I saw Stacey from SheepsClothing and she's all "yo, no blog?" and i'm all "dude, i'm so busy ...". And I feel the pain, I know the pinch .. but ATM, my whole life is sales, product, work, editing, marketing, working.

    And then I saw Justine from Mixtape at school and she's all 'dude, slack blog'
    And i'm like 'I know, I know ... '

    And I don't want this to be a sales blog.
    I remember when a lot of the Craft Blogs went Commercial, and all of a sudden nice little blogs about 'how cute is my knitted sweater with the wonky buttons?" went to "you can buy my stuff here, and visit my etsy store, 10% off today use the code WIZZO"

    I dumped a lot of them, and only kept those that blog 'I stepped in dog poo today' ALONG with the occasional 'oh, and you can buy my dog-poo-wipes here'. But all sales? Pass.
    No-ones perfect, and I kinda like a seller that admits to a bit of poo-on-her-shoe.

    And because this is my life ATM ( ie: selling myself ), I want to keep that away from here. I've got the other blog for that bizzo.

    But I haven't printed a photo for myself or our albums since before the baby's 1st birthday a year ago .. and when i do get a moment, I like to spend it with my family .. and then when i'm back on the computer at night, i'm editing.

    It's all rather boring, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and I hope to have more life/work balance soon.

    Those of you on twitter, or following along in the sidebar will see i've still got time to tweet 'hey, I like this song!', or 'time to do the school run!' .. but it's hardly something I can build a post upon.

    I apologise.

    But I will be back!

    I promise!



    Louise said...

    Hey you! I think you are doing an amazing job and your work is stunning!! Glad you caught up with Juz as I told her you were at the same school. And yeah I'm with you on the whole sell, sell, sell craft blogs - boring!! I just want to see what stuff people make, what their kids are up to and what they are doing to their house/hair/clothes/furniture - simple! I think everyone is extra busy this year though. Enjoy the school holidays. I know I'm looking forward to staying in bed a little longer!

    Stomper Girl said...

    Yeah dude totally slack blog!

    ... but seeing as I follow you in your other cyber-haunts I mostly know how you're going.

    Sunny Road said...

    Heh. Yeah - relate!

    MissyBoo said...

    'Yeah, dude, that's cool! Here whenever you get some time back'

    Kirsty said...


    Shall look forward to hearing about it when you step in a pile of steaming dog poo.

    Good on you for making stuff happen.

    Melody said...

    We all still love ya!

    Anonymous said...

    Good to see you here. I hope you have not stepped in dog poo recently.

    M said...

    Oh God, I'm even slack on Twitter. I'm not blogging because who wants to hear horrible stories about wacko workplaces. Everyday.

    We blog. we stop. We blog again. It's all cool...dude. :)

    Stacey said...

    I wonder if I could knit a dog turd? Would anyone buy it?
    Perhaps I could offer it with a discount code....
    Thanks for the sales tip!

    Anonymous said...

    Glad to hear you plan to tweak out the balance soon. Been missing you here and there isn't all that much twittering lately? ;-)

    phoeberae said...

    baited breath here... but don't just post worky stuff just to satisfy little-ol-me. I'm a huge fan of you dog-poo-like-posts. Busy is good!

    jorth said...

    Good, because we miiiiiiissssss you!

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