Monday, February 15, 2010



    I have really nothing to say.

    Life has been busy - too busy - we've had all the usual madness, we started big school, I hate my figure, there was Christmas, I hate my hair, a holiday, my front tooth cap fell off again ( admittedly it was supposed to be temporary ) and I haven't had a moment to plan anything for the poor Secondborn's upcoming 2nd birthday this weekend. Not that he has any friends or anything anyway .. but I still feel bad. Last night I rustled up a crappy email ( without even a photo or a crappy clipart, or even a nasty animated dancing GIF ) inviting some family over for cake & sushi.

    I plan to purchase both.

    A word to describe myself: nurturing.

    HOWEVER, I have been making quite nice school lunches every day. I'm quite proud. And i've been getting up at 6.30am and everyone is dressed and the beds are made by 8.30am before we walk to school. This is progress, baby.

    The 2ndborn continues to exist on a diet of ScoobySnax, Tic-Tocs and icecream.

    I guess there's always a slight margin for improvement.


    Anonymous said...

    Sounds like you're doing pretty well to me. I'm particularly impressed by the morning routine, just having that nailed makes a great start to the day. ;-)

    Stomper Girl said...

    Happy birthday to your lovely small boy and congratulations to the Prep. Hope you find some breathing space soon too. And time for the dentist too, natch.

    melissa said...

    I'm impressed you get the beds made... I won't confess to how long my sheets have been waiting to be changed, let alone the bed made.

    melissa said...

    Oh - and happy birthday to the wee one... :)

    Designsdbj said...

    As I sit here at 10.30 am with no beds made, my hair only just done, not a scrap of makeup on - I think you are doing very well. I would love some school lunch ideas:)

    Melody said...

    So, Dangerboy turns the big 2 this weekend? Wow - hasn't time flown? For Miss M's 2nd b'day I just had us and my parents - so top that!

    Sunny Road said...

    I'd take any improvement slight or otherwise as a win! Nice school lunches and beds made - you are way ahead of the game baby :)

    Hippo Birdee to the toddler boy for the weekend. Family cake and sushi sounds perfect for turning 2.


    Violet and Rose said...

    I would say you are doing just fine. X

    Anonymous said...

    wow! That two years has flown by. Hope you all have a lovely day with your little fellow just because you are together.

    AND... made beds??? What an over-achiever you are!

    •´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

    happy #2 birthday to #2 , if sushi & cake makes you both happy so be it ;).Two year olds just love cake !

    I am up at 6.30 some days but I don't make the beds till way too later !

    Uli said...

    Getting up at 6.30 and everything sorted by 8.30 is very good work, I'd say.

    Also, Tic-Tocs, do they still make those? Wow. Childhood flashback. Yummo.

    jorth said...

    6:30? In the morning? Methinks you need a medal just for that!

    And happy birthday to #2. He's such a cutie pie.

    Fairlie said...

    You're dressed and you made the beds. What more is there?

    kurrabikid said...

    Hey, life's a bit like that. Sounds like you're doing just great!

    M said...

    Creative lunch boxes? That's illegal in busy mummy world. Shove in a yoghurt, a sugary snack and give him $2 to buy some crap at the canteen. Then you're really doin' it right.

    so with you.

    Missy Boo said...

    Happy 2nd Birthday to DangerBaby.

    I agree with the others, sounds like you've got a great morning routine, and oh how I struggle with school lunch on the 2 days I have to make them!

    Enjoy your sushi and cake :)

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