Wednesday, October 14, 2009


    Actually, it's not a bad look, wearing a sweatband to vacuum.
    Too bad I don't housework hard enough to raise one ( a sweat, that is )

    Looking for the headband pic, and then finding it, made me realise I had a doppelganger pic just like it from 3yrs earlier.

    I can't belive it's been 3yrs and we've still got an unfinished fireplace / paintjob.

    The earlier pic was taken just after the fireplace went in.
    The only thing that has changed in this room is that fact the kids destroyed the orig. 1950's venetians while waving hello & goodbye to their dad ( mostly ).

    So I ripped them out and pegged up a dropsheet. Klassy.
    Well, I did this in anticipation of glazier coming and fixing up our orig. rusted 1950's steel-framed windows with the cracked and chipped 3mm glass ( replacing with double glazed 10mm stuff - noice ). But then AB cancelled them ( I found out last night ) due to a change in budgetry obligations and restrictions.

    Which is all very well & nice and stuff, but hey, it's almost Christmas, so we either do it this year, or we don't, and don't be half-arsed about it, because this is where I set up the tree, and the backdrop and cans of paint stripper aint so Xmas-Xlassy.



    Stomper Girl said...

    Gosh he does a good job. Your floorboards are GLEAMING!

    muser said...

    I'm glad to see you've started him early. ;)

    Mookah said...

    All that time has passed and look how shiny those floorboards still are!

    Uli said...

    I think it's clearly time to start training the little one in the vacuuming too, as it clearly works. Love that headband.

    Also, love the fact you also have half done/undone jobs around the house. It only took me three and a half years to get my windows done. Still haven't got around to the curtains.

    Anonymous said...

    I'm so pleased he graduated from the toy to the real vacuum cleaner. As to the headband... well, who wants sweat dripping in their eyes while doing a hard day's worth of housework? He's a very clever boy!

    Melody said...

    better than him mopping the floors, right? *heehee*

    Head band is a good look. Next thing he'll be doing is slamming down the vacuum hose and screaming "C'mon!!"

    Anonymous said...

    so reassuring; i still haven't hung the fotos we plan to put on the walls. after 3 years!

    Aussie-waffler said...

    Hee hee, I love those pics, rocking the headband look for sure. And cans of paint could be Christmassy, go with red and dark green and stack them in a pyramid - ta dah.

    My float said...

    Do you hire him out? I'll pay for airfare!!

    Meggie said...

    Hmmmn. Food for thought, as 'they' used to say...

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