Tuesday, October 06, 2009

    Busy is a Good Thing!

    In 5days, it will be the 1st anniversary of my first 'professional' photoshoot for a total stranger.

    Actually, my first shoot, period ( nothing like jumping in the deep end, but it was an opportunity and we don't let those go to waste ).

    I was planning on this date to be my big launchdate, but it's not to be ... be patient, my sweets, be patient...

    A few pics from my latest family session:
    K is a home hairdresser from ACROSS TOWN. Which really peeves me as she has fab hair, and I used to have a home hairdresser of the same name and she left town on me and now I pay a fortune to go to a salon to have apprentices soak my clothes and have to strip me & use a hairdrier to dry them while I freeze & try to keep my youngest out of the display window.



    Anonymous said...

    He, he - blogpost & photos too! Twitter works;)! Congrats on your almost one year anniversary! Siobhan/Shivi1

    Fairlie said...

    Great pics!

    Patient? I don't even know what that means. Zero amount of that here. Anxiously anticipating your big launch.

    Anonymous said...

    I feel so proud of how far you've come in one short year.

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