Monday, September 14, 2009

    Hubba Bubba

    Good fun with people willing to do some silly things :)
    ( you can see it larger here )

    I had my first double booking this morning - out this morning for maternity pics, home for a quick lunch with my boys, then down the beach for a family shoot.

    I will have a more appropriate 'photog blog' coming soon for pics like these, but it's connected to the new site, and no, it's still not ready yet.

    I'd like to know who has Time. Anyone ? Anyone?
    Yeah, I thought not. That dude is as rare as hen's teeth..


    Kiki said...

    Yeah, I just love this and I'd have been willing to be silly but I'm sorry I won't get pregnant again just to try it out ha ha ha.

    Pink & just works so well together. Feminine yet edgy don't you think?

    Sparkly Tiara said...

    I completely agree with Kiki - the pink and black is very effective, and the concept is just FUN!

    Also agree with her that, cute as it is, I'm not going to get pregnant again to try it out either, lol!

    Sunny Road said...

    Cool! Great to have clients willing to try something different :)
    Sounds like it's all going great guns with back-to-backs. How did you cope with the memory card issue? Did you download and wipe in between or do you have lots of cards??
    Oh and yes, wish I knew where that time guy was too!

    Melody said...

    Oh you are talented aren't you? If only I looked like that when preggo. There would've been no way I could cross my legs to begin with!! *heehee*

    MissyBoo said...

    Cute pics :)

    Time? I'm sure I saw him running very fast down the road the other day... way too fast to catch though!!!

    Kirsty said...

    Gorgeous! I'm going to love that Bubba to pieces. xx

    My float said...

    What do you need Time for? You have TALENT. Stop being greedy.


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