Saturday, September 19, 2009

    Before Christmas..

    Just to say, if you were thinking of planning a booking before Xmas, i'm fast running out of spots...

    Email me at: leanne {at} hbfotografic {dot} com

    Some more from the weekend:


    Anonymous said...

    This is very good news! Congratulations.

    Sunny Road said...

    Fab! Sounds like its all going gangbusters! Love the processing on those shots too :)

    Veronica said...

    I can't wait to have this baby just so you can take some photo's, all these beach ones are amazing and so perfectly capture the kids personalities. Talented indeed, cheers Veronica x

    My float said...

    I've often wished you lived in Sydney. Now I REALLY wish you did. Can't you move here? Even for a month? Pretty please????

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