Saturday, August 08, 2009

    As Dishwater

    As in dull.

    Actually, i've got tonnes and tonnes to blog about - lots & lots. But I always seem to miss the boat. I make pacts with myself, and deny myself any of my own photos or fun or storytelling until i've done the work for others.

    Fact is, i've been so busy, I don't get around to me. And so much time on the computer, when I take a break, it's to play with my boys, not blog about playing with them ( or our new guinea pigs - squee! - hopefully will pic & blog about them soon! ). I also think "what if someone i'm working for jumps on the blog and sees me farnarkling about while they're waiting for their pics?" .. so no, work & kids first, me & my indulgences last.

    Of course, there's always time for a quick tweet between photo uploads, so I still feel 'in the loop'

    Got a lot of work on ATM - lots of bellies booked in for upcoming months - including a Yoga Champion who wants to incorporate some poses into her photos - can't wait for that, sounds incredible!

    Recently, I photographed baby J and his family:

    I really like some of the family shots I took, but I didn't ask if I could pop them on the blog, so better not ;)

    J's mum got to view her pics on my new website - which isn't even live yet, but I got the gallery going, and it even has a shopping cart: it's a pretty awesome setup, can't wait to share it when I get some time to work on it! I had to send her a link to some obcure ref like "456.345.678/proofing", but it's much better than what I was doing previously, on private flickr galleries or whatnot. Messy. Awkward. ( and a Big thanks to SunnyRoadMum for generously helping me make my decision with her behind the scenes help )

    My kinder sessions were also quite popular at the Trivia Night bidding, so I was very happy with that result.
    The kinder raised $6k, and apparently they only normally raise about $3k.

    If you've found me here from the night and you missed out on a booking, drop me an email.
    If you weren't at the trivia night and would also like me to take some pics, hey - you too can drop me a line too - I don't discriminate !

    And now i'm off to play with the guinea pigs...



    Sunny Road said...

    I am looking forward to seeing the live website but I know - how do you find the time????

    Cherry Rockette said...

    i love the 2nd one up from the bottom-stunning!, beautifully framed and capturing that gorgeous smile of hers. well done!

    Anonymous said...

    The photos are so lovely. You will go far!

    Karen said...

    Wondered where you have been!
    Pics as always are gorgeous - love a newborn (or two).
    Looking forward to pics of the new 'beast' of the house.
    Don't work too hard!

    reality raver said...

    They are devine, almost makes me clucky again... almost.

    zoesquid said...

    Your priorities are perfect. I too understand the dilema though! Gorgeous pics. Cheers

    Melody said...

    I'm booking you in if/when we make our trip back to Oz in (hopefully) December.

    M+B said...

    Gorgeous photos! I love that 1st one :)

    Hoping you get some time to be 'you' soon. I really want to see those guinea pigs!

    PS I wouldn't say your dull

    Meggie said...

    Congrats seem to be in order. Your fottygraffs seem to be doing soooo well. Deservedly so!

    So Now What? said...

    Holy Dooley, they are beautiful. In awe of your talent ;)

    jorth said...

    Guinea pigs? Um, hello - cute! Must.See.Pics.Soon!

    Fairlie said...

    Most excellent indeed. There's nothing dishwarter-like about your photos!

    Stomper Girl said...

    Gorgeous photos but I'm adding my vote for some guinea-pig shots! donk-donk, is that what they say?

    Anonymous said...

    Guinea pigs? Oh my ;)

    Great photos as always, would loveto see more.

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