Thursday, July 16, 2009

    Somedays it's Safer to be a Kangaroo..

    I got together with some of my Mother's Group gals yesterday.
    Some of us go to the same kinder, but we're in different sessions - they're Koalas, and we're Kangaroos.
    So kindy talk is same/same, but different.

    Anyway, I was reading the Term 2 Newsletter over brekky the other day, and something I read made me baulk:

    "Koala group have held a fascination with guns. We were lucky to have a father in the group who holds a real gun license and was willing to hold a gun discussion in a real and factual way with these children. He showed them a bullet and also a target"

    WTF ?
    Um, I know I have a few teacher-types and even early-educational peeps reading here, but isn't this something that would require a consent form? I'm pretty sure guns& kindys aren't something the educational powers-that-be would like to be promoting. And yes I know ( or am assuming from the text ) that no actual GUN was brought in .. but there would be reasons I would like to know about this visit BEFORE the fact:

    - I don't like guns. Frankly, they scare the crap out of me.

    - My dad had a 'real gun license' too. He was also not someone i'd want at my kinder
    talking to kiddies about guns. Having a 'real gun license' does not a good man make.

    - I would like the opportunity to decide whether my child would attend that session

    - If attended, I would have liked the opportunity to discuss with my child, later that night,
    on my own terms, about guns, shooting, field questions 'in a real and factual way'.

    So it was quite the topic yesterday - one of the Koala mums was ropable.

    The first she'd heard of it was via the newsletter, and way after the event. Her son had never brought it up, and when asked, I think it was all too little too late ( can't remember what she said, but he either couldn't remember, or shrugged it off to go play ). The other koala mother wasn't sure if she'd received the newsletter, or read it properly, so was hearing about it for the first time - she was aghast.

    So it wasn't just me, the 'lucky' Kangaroo mum. Apparently my group is "interested in fashion design".
    First i've heard of it, and I always interact and ask questions, have been on duty, and find the teachers quite personable and approachable. Weird.

    Project Runway vs. Deliverance ?


    In other news, thanks for all the Speechie feedback.
    You could probably already tell that my mind was made up to go, but being told it's the right decision by so many of you with personal experiences is good too - bolstering.
    First group session is next week, and i'm really looking forward to it.
    The 'tools' we've been given already from two quick sessions far outweigh anything else we've ever done before.

    I guess it goes back to that old adage of if you find a good teacher...


    Melody said...

    My God. WTF? alright!!
    Thank your lucky stars that MC is in the Project Runway class!

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    And think of the wonderful frocks he will make for you in years to come, much more handy than a boy who likes to go out shooting things.
    I'm with you on the WTF!! bit of it, no way should that have gone on without mums/dads being told first.

    Kirsty said...

    I'd certainly want to have been forewarned. I'm amazed no parental consent was required. We have to sign for the Grade 6s to watch PG (rather than G) movies.

    Anonymous said...

    Have to agree with the WTF! Considering most creches and kindergartens ban the bringing of toy guns and weapons to centres they would have to be aware that this is a potentially contentious issue requiring individual consent from parent's?

    Uli said...

    Wow, just wow. That is mind-boggling.

    Claire - Matching Pegs said...

    Kids at our kinder at not even allowed to "make a gun" with their fingers.

    I don't think the relevant education departments would approve of this either.

    Be glad you have a kangeroo.

    Fe said...

    I am completely and utterly aghast. I cannot believe that this could even happen!


    Mary said...

    Just disgusted that no - one thought to talk to the parents first about this one..

    Stomper Girl said...

    So with you on this one, I would have been angry. Although I know that most little boys have a gun thang, I'm wondering if the child of the gun-owner may have exacerbated the interest if you know what I mean? Speaking as an aunt of a child with a responsible gun-owning father, I know my nephew is massively gun-centric, much more so than my boys.

    Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

    My mouth is opening and closing like a goldfish - almost lost for words.

    What next? A nightclub in dollies corner? Excursion to the morgue? Playboy storytime? (just the articles of course)

    nikkishell said...

    See! That right there tells me i am doing the right thing by homeschooling!
    Disgusting that they didn't ask parents permission.
    {shaking my head}

    Sunny Road said...

    I would HIT.THE.ROOF!! I am gobsmacked that they would think it was appropriate at all, let alone without parents consent...
    Thank God you're a Kangaroo. (Stands to reason that Kangaroos aren't enamoured with guns after all)

    sooz said...

    So, um, yeah. A lot wrong with this picture. And my dad had a gun and if they let him in to talk to kiddies I'd be calling the police.

    But I have to ask since no one else has why you haven't challenged the staff about it? I mean not all antsy and (metaphorically speaking) with guns blazing, but just enquired whether the staff considered consulting or at least telling parents about something so obviouly contentious. Because I'd be thinking if it happened once with guns it may well happen with something else. Scary.

    h&b said...

    Funny not one person so far has said to "lighten up" - reinforces how weird and wrong this situation is.

    To Sooz: i'm probably more passive-aggressive. If it was my group, oh, i'm a bit more guns blazing/redhaze, you betcha, but i've left that ball in the other mums' court ATM ... i'm not sure what their course of action will be.

    HOWEVER, I did check over the duty list today, and added my name to some dates. I like duty, I get to ask questions, and find out things beyond the normal drop-off/pick-up routine. I'll be dropping it into my casual conversation, don't you worry.

    Because, I can't believe this happened. And no-one, not anybody thought to think/say "hang on, this might be inappropriate"

    It's bizarre.

    Cindy said...

    OH MY FREAKING GOD!! I wish you were kidding as it would make a good chaser sketch.

    Janet said...

    um yeah, WTF??? I'd be so not OK with this. Even on the level that it happened at a kinder that my child attended... because what next?

    A letter of complaint maybe, from as many parents as possible?

    Karen said...

    I'm no drama queen but I'd seriously consider a change of kinder for this.
    It's wrong on soooo many levels, not the least of which is the complete lack of feeling the need to consult the parents in any way.
    At what level do they feel it is necessary to involve the parents?
    What other 'events' or topics of discussion have the staff deemed OK to carry out on their own??
    Wow - gobsmacked and fearing the move of my two eldest into the wide world next year even more...

    M+B said...

    WTF??? Alright.

    I would certainly be ropeable, if this happened at our kindy.

    That is just wrong, on so many different levels. I'm just glad for you and MC that he is a Kangaroo :)

    Anonymous said...

    If either of my children had been exposed to guns at their kindergarten settings my head would have exploded! That is nothing short of a disgrace! Such a huge influence can be held over a developing mind. Imagine if the message had been (as it is in my classrooms) that guns are not a game. They are dangerous and not welcome.

    Thank goodness no one is showing an interest in exotic dancing or you might find the parent who holds a real pole-dancing qualification is invited along!!

    Christie said...

    I actually don't think that that was appropriate AT ALL! And on top of that the fact that parents were told after the fact, rather thank asked beforehand is pretty poor. If nothing else it is bad communication & a strange decision for the kinder teachers to have made I would have thought.

    Kiki said...

    Without reading any other comments, this deserves a letter of action/explanation. It is so below board it's not funny. My eyes widened with every sentence.

    Definitely, the Koalas should confront! Stick with the fashion design baby.

    h&b said...

    lol PP - on the pole dancing qualifier. Perfect analogy.

    I'll keep you all in the loop, and let you know how my duty day goes too..

    Aunty Evil said...

    The whole difference in group topics probably stems from the one difference between your group and theirs...the dad with the "real" gun license.

    I'd be looking at him at the one who started the topic and got the kids interested in the first place.

    What a "real" bloody license anyway? And why does that make it ok?

    I'm with you, guns freak me out.

    Lexi @ PottyMouthMama said...

    WHAT THE?! That is wrong! So wrong. How bizarre. I can't even believe it is true (though I DO believe it is true). That is just proof that life is stranger than fiction.

    Stacey said...

    No homebaked biscuits for fear of allergic reactions?
    No superhero costumes for fear of promoting violence?
    No Christmas celebrations for fear of offending non Christians?
    But some bloke brings a gun to show the kids.
    I find that offensive. I'm in the lighten up camp with most things, but this, no way. It is just so wrong.

    Suse said...

    This is so unbelievably out of line that you or someone (me, if you give me the kinder name) needs to report it to the Department.

    Also, do both groups have the same teacher? Because if so, I'd be speaking to him/her to ensure your boy's group never is exposed to anything similar. Seriously, that teacher's certificate needs to be taken away for this incredible lack of judgement. S/he should not be in charge of teaching children.

    Fuck, I'm cross.

    Michelle said...

    Late again to read and post but still as shocked as those above. Just plain wrong!! And F*&*ing stupid!

    Lara said...

    Holy crap! Makes homeschooling look more attractive than ever!

    Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

    God, this is so wrong, on so many levels, but mainly cause the dad with the gun's kid probably started the whole gun fascination thing in the first place. Hope that makes sense. To think, I was pissed off when a couple brought their new-born baby into pre-school to demonstrate 'washing baby'! People should not be able to push their own agenda onto our kids. Guns are made to kill - simple.

    M said...

    I'm in the WTF camp.

    Anonymous said...

    Sorry but that is sooooo wrong I would be with Suse in reporting it and I would also pull my kid out of there right NOW!

    sue said...

    I dont think I would like that either. Has anyone questioned the teacher why that would be bought into the kinder as an edcuational thing. Personally I hate guns and I dont think anyone should be encouraged to have one, but that is just me. Fashion designer in your sons future, well you never know. How cute it will be.

    Fairlie said...

    Spluttering coffee over my keyboard. Discussion of guns? At kinder? You cannot be serious.

    Alby Mangroves said...

    Jesus H Christ. I like a gun as much as the next girl (not freekin' much) and in my house it's reserved for after-hours Tomb Raider on the PS2), but this would have absolutely freaked me OUT. I probably wouldn't be as reserved as you have been, I think I would have been immediately on the phone making a compaint. I like to think I'm pretty liberal and not a wowser, however, that is completely inappropriate in a kiner environment. I can't believe it! I think Ratbag's dad (who used to own guns once and liked them) would have gone down there and torn new a-holes, quite frankly.

    h&b said...

    Hi girls - i've been reluctant in doing anything b/c it wasn't my group, and have left it with my Koala mums ( who I didn't see this week due to my husband coming home from being O/S for 4 weeks ), but have made it clear if they don't say anything, I am definitely taking it up with the district co-ordinator. I gave them her number, so yeah, i'll give them another week until I see them again..

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