Thursday, February 05, 2009

    Coulda Been a Contenda

    I met AB some 15 years ago, I think ( I need to consult diaries, i'm a bit of a bloke in the significant dates dept ) and for that long, he always talked about having a shot at the British Open.

    AB is a pretty good golfer - I can't really say how much, because I don't know, and he cant' spend as much time on it as required - you know, he has to bring home the bacon and whatnot.
    But I know he's pretty good and I hear others talk about it, and I often read good things about him, and it makes me happy to know he's really really good at something. Pride, you know.

    So for a good 2yrs leading up to this year, he planned a trip away. A tour to pay his way, and he was going to try and qualify. It didn't matter if he got in or not, the thrill was in the doing, the trying, the being there, the history, the story.

    British Open Cup

    The trip has long been booked, dates set, eagerly anticipated ( well, not by me exactly, i'm home doing the solo-parent thang again ).

    And for the first time, since all those years ago when we were dating.
    They changed the dates.

    I feel so sad :(
    I just called AB to see if it was 'ok' to blog about, and he laughed and said he was over it .. but gee, if it were me ... ... anyway.

    He's making it up by spending the time in Fromelles.
    AB has just about read every book on WWI, and his grandfather is there, somewhere. He was very sad when we went to France in 2003 and he thought it would be a simple train ride, not a day-trip away .. so he will go there this time and pay his respects and love it.

    AB is 40 this year. He's been bloke-joking this trip is his present to himself: No wife, no kids, ha-ha. It wasn't supposed to get back to me, but I know WIVES of blokes, and they tell me things.
    Ahh, my teamsters, my spies :)

    Golf Lesson with Dad

    Not that i'm insulted

    It just lets me plan for MY reward for my 40th ? ;)


    Blue Mountains Mary said...

    He HAS got class - to recover so gracefully from what must have been a disappointment.

    Teamsters and spies are a good thing!

    Uli said...

    Changing the dates like that is just mean.

    Hopefully he'll have a great trip anyway, and you should definitely be planning what you want for your 40th!

    dottycookie said...

    Argh, that must be incredibly annoying - in the UK we'd say 'he must be gutted' but I realise that might not come across quite the same way in international commenting ...

    M said...

    Oh no! How disappointing. I feel gutted just reading about it. However, sounds like he'll have a great time. Not as great as being home with the kids 'though - and he'll realise that while he's away.

    Aunty Evil said...

    They only changed the dates because Tiger got scared when he heard AB was coming. Money talks, you know.

    Anonymous said...

    Why did they change the dates? Do they have a VERY good reason to do so?

    Pack extra tissues for him if he's heading into those areas of France. I howled like a baby and my Pete suddenly got something in his eye.

    Kirsty said...

    Poor AB! The Date would be shattered...but I imagine recover in much the same fashion. Very dignified those golfers - the gentleman's sport afterall.

    Fairlie said...

    That is a very classy recovery. What a huge bummer for them to change the dates.

    Karen said...

    Oh that's so unfair for him!
    My man is planning Lords this year, his 'out' was he suggested we both go, and leave the three girls aged three and under at home.
    Yeah right - like he ever thought I'd say yes to that!

    Damselfly said...

    Aw, too bad they changed the date. And hey, I want a fabulous trip to myself when I turn 40!

    Great pics as usual!

    Shelly said...

    Oh No!!!
    maybe he will plan another trip to have another crack at it. Of course you get to plan two trips then!!

    meggie said...

    Believe me!! Your arms are so NOT bingoish, in that shot!! Ho ho, wait till you are mid 60's, then your talking, Kiddo!!
    guess what... I couldn't care less!

    meggie said...

    I swear, I DID write "you're" talking. Bloody blogger!!

    M+B said...

    Poor AB! Gosh I would have loved to do something like that for my 40th (ah well, its been and gone). I hope you manage to plan something spectacular for yourself when the time comes.

    Levin (and Emily) said...

    how terribly sad for him. my husband too is a good golfer who maybe could have made it as a professional if he had the money to support himself but alas, he didn't and now he too has to work to support us, his family. he dreams of a big golfing holiday - here's hoping it becomes a reality for both the boys.

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