Sunday, December 14, 2008


    Artist's Muse

    I tend to be a cup-half-full kinda gel.
    When good things happen, I like to blog.
    When bad things happen, I don't normally want to record them for the world to see.

    It occured to me during the humdinger-doozy of a Shopping Centre tanty the other day 'what if a blogger recognised me and this brat and saw us as a fraud ?'.

    I know, my son is going feral, and i'm thinkin' about the bloggers. Unbelievable.

    So I thought I should write about it in the better interests of balance, and yes, to ask for stories of experience, and help. Delivered in spades - awesome, thankyou.

    But I also blogged about it, because ... well, just in case it seemed all sunshine and light over here. Yes, it often is - or at least, that's how I see it, but yeah, there's also screaming harrigans ( err, that would be me ), and smackings and time-outs and threats and tears and punishment.

    He aint perfect, and i'm as flawed as they come.

    So there.

    And yesterday ?

    As I watched him paint at my mums, and keeping his head in a pack of kinder seagulls while waiting for Santa ( Dear Mother-of-Kid-in-the-Spiderman-Outfit, i've noticed you and your indifference before. I understand you're too busy to discipline as you chat on your mobile I never see you without. If I never see you or your horrid little child again, it will be too soon ),
    I felt like coming in and erasing yesterday's post.

    Surely I must have imagined it ?



    Unrelated, but I *love* this pic the boy did. It's a 'Golf Map'. See the bunkers and greens ( with little flags ? ). Awesome.

    Bunkers and Greens


    Oh - and edited to add: Click here if you'd like Santa to send a personalised video message to your child. It's pretty cool, and is handy for backing up those naughty v. nice threats :p


    peppermintpatcher said...

    None of us want to read our blogs in two years time and see that we focussed on the negative. I'm sure that we all give the 'blog-worthy' versions of our lives, whether we are recognised down the shops or not.

    LOVE the golf map - very good spatial awareness.

    Louise said...

    Bless him, he's absolutely beautiful!

    M said...

    Oh yeah, god I really only blog the good stuff. I really agonised over blogging about the funeral last week. Should I? Shouldn't I? but then I decided it was in the public interest. Sometimes it is in your public's interest to know stuff. So glad you shared about the boy's tantys - because we all know that world! We can emphathise. :)

    Blue Mountains Mary said...

    You just blog about whatever you want.

    As long as it is true to who you are. And if your choice is not to blog too much about the bad stuff - so be it.

    I love reading whatever you want to blog about.

    victoria said...

    I think it's often the most lovable children who have the most challenging moments. I love people's bad moments, it makes my own seem not so bad - sharing the pain, in my mind, lessens it.


    Stacey said...

    I've given the blogging the positives thing a bit of thought of late. I think its only natural for us to want our blogged selves to be our best selves.
    Sometimes thought I read my own posts and think I need to throw in a few of the bad bits for balance.
    I liked your post about 4. It was honest and real.
    Love the golf map too. Perhaps your boy can fund your retirement by designing golf courses.

    Fairlie said...

    Blogs are such a personal thing. It's soooo up to you what you want/need to reveal and what you don't. I enjoy reading whatever you choose to post about.

    Melody said...

    I loved your post of '4' because I could so relate to it!! And I thought it was just my child. Obviously it is not. I usually only focus on the positive in my posts too, bar a few times when I have had to blog about the bad.

    Tell MB that I bought a pack of tiny bread rolls the other day and they were called 'Turtles' with a TMNT on the pack. Very cute. And very tasty!

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