Monday, December 29, 2008

    All's Well that Ends Well

    The bloke in Florida was spot-on.

    The 'other' re-packed trampoline hasn't been checked on, asked after, or enquired about.
    Santa brought us ours in his sleigh, and that's it. Finito.


    What a waste of worry and concocting stories.

    Still, i'm not taking any chances, and the 'box with the bricks in it' will remain in the garage for a while .. until 'the other family' we're minding it for come collect it.


    Christmas this year was just perfect ( did I say that out loud ?! ).

    It seems after all these years, the paternal family have finally thought I might have a point, and all the MUST DO's have been either dropped or relaxed. Now it is simply a day about catching up and seeing each other, and only the kids get a gift. YAY.
    I don't know about you, but I find opening something crap, plastic and/or electrical more disappointing than simply receiving nothing. I like nothing - I don't have to feel bad that someone has spent their hard earned money on something I do not want nor need, or even like, and neither do I have to feel depressed about 'what do they think of me if this is something they thought I might like?'.

    We started with breakfast at our house with the paternals, which morphed into a light lunch for some, and left here around 2pm to meet and greet the extended paternals elsewhere.
    Dinner was at my Mums with my sister and her husband and consisted of my first meal of the day ( all that running around and talking to people, meant i'd only had a coffee at breakfast and was STARVING* ) - so it was probably the best roast turkey dinner EVER in my LIFE. And due to too much food last year, all 'snacks' and 'starters' were disposed of, so it was reminiscent of Christmases of old, where you hung out all day, starving, while the women cooked and prepared. I quite liked the return to form. The appetite was healthy, and nobody felt like purging later on due to overconsumption.

    Another nice surprise was on the day after Boxing Day.
    A heap of maternal family had come up from the country/Tassie to spend time with other extendeds in Melbourne and while they were in town, a day was arranged at my place. Wow.
    It wasn't until many of them trooped in, I realised how long it had been since i'd seen them - my cousins were older, all grown up, older, married with kids, older.
    It was quite bizarre. Also ( because of the age thing, I guess ? ) the boys seemed mellow, and more at peace with themselves and the world than the testesterone-loaded cousins I remembered.
    I suppose they could say the same of me.
    I didn't have the testesterone and anger, but I made up for it in neurosis and being highly strung. Probably.

    It was a nice day. Jumping on the new tramp and eating ham and salad rolls and drinking champagne - I was really glad they all came.

    As they left, and we waved goodbye, MC turned to me and said wistfully "I miss Grandma Wynn and her Old Lady". **


    If people had not had such a good time at breakfast, i'm sure they would have left sooner thus giving me time to grab a bite and take a load off, so I presume this meant we provided an enjoyable morning. Can't complain about that.

    Err.. that would be my Grandmother, my mother's mother ;)


    peppermintpatcher said...

    Fabulous photo.

    Sounds like a fabulous few days too.

    Melody said...

    Oh noice. All that worrying for nothing - ain't it always the way?

    What a great couple of days you had...

    Joke said...



    Guera said...

    Yes, all that worrying for nothing. :) It all gets forgotten when there's a tramp to jump on.

    Sounds like a wonderful few days. Glad you had a good Chrissie xx

    Stomper Girl said...

    Isn't it funny how the lead-up to Christmas is frantic and then you just have a really relaxing day. Love the tramp photo, and the box still in the shed. Clever.

    Lin said...

    After already having convinced my in-laws that we should only buy for the kids two years ago, this year they dumped me in the deep end a week before Christmas that we were scrapping that idea and we were reverting back to the old way. Needless to say everyone got alcohol for Christmas! People are rarely disappointed with that! And yes, I agree - the lead up is so frantic and I'm always left wondering why I worried so much about food quantity and presents, when it's so relaxing on the day. I tell myself to remember that next year, but I never do!

    M+B said...

    Excellent photo! I am glad the 'other' box has been forgotten but that you have a great cover story!

    Sounds like a perfect Christmas

    meggie said...

    Indeed, a perfect Christmas.
    Gotta love MC.

    Uli said...

    Sounds great.

    Glad the tramp thing worked out. All that bouncing would make it easy to forget silly boxes in the garage.

    rhubarbwhine said...

    I am glad the paternals and you had a good time, it's encouraging! Happy 2009. x

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