Thursday, October 02, 2008

    Make Me a Supermodel

    Eye Candy.

    Doesn't everyone like looking at the pretty boys & girls in all their pretty clothes ?


    Well, I do. Am *loving* this show, critiquing walks from my Superior Seat on the Lounge, equipped with my Bachelor of Advanced Appraising, my Advanced Diploma of Fashion Magazine Flicking, and my unique honed eye that comes from years and years of being a girlfriend, girlfriend.

    He's lumpy; did you see that walk ? He emotes like a fridge; sexy doesn't mean being a whore, darling; he's up himself; I like her, she's got it goin' ohn; I wish she'd eat a steak already.

    The only thing is one of them reminds me of a girl I used to walk to school with.
    She read my diary when I was cleaning up after a slumber party and then used what she read to try and get a guy at school to 'go' with me. She signed a deal with him that if he did, he could have total use of her Donkey Kong for 2 weeks.
    I still hate her.
    We were only really 'friends' because she lived up the road.

    Another girl looks like this Exchange Student we had come live with us from Seattle once. She had a hairy back ( she had hair everywhere, man ) and got caught sucking face with the boy-next-door down at the local shop/teen hang-out.
    While she lived with us, she took over my room and I had to bunk in with my little sister. She thought she was cool because she thought she was the only person in the world who had heard of "They Might Be Giants". Um, ok.
    While she lived with us, Dad used to give her money. He never gave us money.
    She rearranged my room and took down my posters.

    So i'm not keen on that model either.

    Ahh - It's not Project Runway, but it's nice someone is thinking of me to pop this on the tele.
    And I get to have weird little hometown flashbacks to boot.


    ( image courtesy of Ch 7 website )


    Melody said...

    You okay?


    KikiMiss said...

    " he could have total use of her Donkey Kong for 2 weeks"...ha ha ha ha. I had an orange DK!

    Surfing Free said...

    These fashion/model making shows that me in their grip as well. Not sure why ... but no point questioning it!
    I always 'see' an old friend in these wannabes because she was the biggest 'people are gonna know my name!' person ever. And she was tall and skinny and sort of stupid ;)

    Christie said...

    have you been watching the new US project runway!?

    You should check out make me a model Dubai!!! My friend is hosting it... I wuill have to send you a link, I don't think it is on air yet....

    Fairlie said...

    I love all those shows... I even tolerate the appearances of the herk-eous host of America's Next Top Supermodel to watch the rest of the episode. I'm kind of glad you're not a judge though...your criteria seems to be a little too based in what they did to you in a former life!

    emma said...

    Never seen the show, but you crack me up. My kids even looked up from the wii to find out what I was laughing at!

    Louise said...

    We soooo have the same taste in telly! I'm loving this one and how bitchy they all are - specially the boys!!

    Joke said...

    Now I'm really wondering if "total use of her Donkey Kong" is some sort of euphemism.


    Muzbot said...

    Unlike Fairlie (sorry Fairlie) I'd love to see you as a judge on one of these shows. There's such a random honesty/quality in your reasoning that would have me tuning in each week just to see what possible reason you'd come up with to cull them. Very funny.

    h+b said...

    eww - joke .. although yes, I have to admit .. it does sound rather suss !!

    and ha Muz ! Well, i'd try and keep my irreverant anecdotes and hang-ups to myself .. well, maybe not :p

    Beth said...

    I had an orange DK too. We had a French exchange student who threaten to jump out our attic window unless my mum let him go to the local disco. Neither my brother, sister or I had EVER thought to challenge my ma in that way and we were enthralled as to see what would happen.... my mum shrugged, and said 'jump if you like, you're still not going'.
    wow, she had nerves of steel.
    Now I know where I get my steely resolve from!

    P.S. Have you seen the US version of Kath and Kim yet?
    Why oh why do they remake this awesome shows of they are going to murder them?

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