Monday, August 04, 2008

    "You're Boring"

    Phonecall from the husband today:


    How are you?
    Good, and you ? You sound well.

    Something-something-golf-something-about-a-bar-he-already-told-me-about-something-something-ate-at-a-restaurant-and-all-these-girls-were-hanging-all-over-some-guy-and-they-asked-the-waiter-and-he-was-some-guy-from-"Saved by the Bell"

    I hope it wasn't Screech. He was involved in some horrid porn video scandal
    It was a latino guy
    Ok, I think I remember him. Or maybe i'm thinking of Sweet Valley High ?

    {cuts me off }- something something boast brag. So, how have you been ?

    Yeah, good. I fixed the toilet. You now need a screwdriver to flush - don't ask - and the front lawn is still flooded and I did the test the water board told me to, and we don't have a leak, so they're sending

    Ok, look, I gotta go, this is kinda expensive.

    But I didn't get to tell you about the pesky kids next door and their bad manners !

    Ok, tell me ( not sounding very interested )

    So I had to abbreviate it, which hardly captured my indignation and their rudeness.

    Heh. You know, I should have finished on a "by the way, they're investigating Qantas for more dodgy planes because there's been TONNES more mid-air dramas while you've been gone !"

    Bet he would have been interested then.


    Cosy said...

    I'm sure Mr J gets the TV-static-sound in his head when I talk. Sometimes I throw in suitably random thought to see if he's listening.

    Stomper Girl said...

    That's nuthin'. You should hear Fixit explaining to me in minute detail EVERYTHING about fixing aircraft (now) or motorbikes (previously). And he says stuff like "you know how screws have a thread" so you have to keep saying "yep" even if you have no f'n idea.

    Tell ME about the pesky kids next door with the bad manners. That sort of stuff IS interesting.

    Hoppo Bumpo said...

    Hats off to you if you can fix a toilet. And I love the bit about the screwdriver. (Years ago the workaround for our toilet was to flush it using a bottle opener).

    bluemountainsmary said...

    yes - I think you have mentioned those pesky kids before? Post please!

    As for the conversation - so incredibly familiar you might have been phone tapping us!

    joke said...

    If it's any consolation, my beloved suffers from me not relaying any details whatever about my professional endeavo(u)rs.


    Christie said...

    Bloody jet-setting husbands!

    Melody said...

    Yeah, you're right! He would have been. And tell US about the pesky next door kids!

    Anonymous said...

    My Mr Wonderful is also a business class flying airline snob with no idea. He rings to tell me that his hotel room has been upgraded to a suite and what fantastic meal he's just had overlooking the bay of blah blah blah... meanwhile, the laundry floods everytime I use the machine, the kids both have a vomiting bug, the weather's crap, the pantry door has just fallen off...but he has to go now because he's left his clients at the table while he's ducked out to call - so thoughtful!!!!!

    Stacey said...

    Wanna trade annoying kids next door stories?
    I've fallen asleep during those long distance phone calls. The husband always stuffs up the time difference.

    Fairlie said...

    Tell us. We're not expensive. No need to abbreviate. Feel free to fully capture your indignation and their rudeness.

    M said...

    Well WE bloggers think that day to day living is interesting even if galavanting social bunny husbands dont!

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