Saturday, June 14, 2008


    Age four is doing my head in.

    Babies don't talk back, defy me, or send me mental in general.
    The husband is away. Thank goodness there's a kinder day coming up.

    I want to rearrange the house and smash down walls. Rip out old ugly waterlogged cupboards, move the furniture around. Rip up the ugly old tiles in the kitchen and the laundry.
    Do something.

    The first thing we noticed when we got home was how cold and damp the house felt, a musty smell in the kitchen, and the sound of the continually leaking toilet.

    Then we used the washing machine and it sounded like I was washing a heap of chains and bolts in there. It's 12yrs old and the last time we got it fixed, the dude said not to bother next time.

    I'm obsessed with getting a new 2-door fridge with an icemaker. Last summer I went looking on eBay and online for slushee machines. They were too expensive. In Arizona, we had ice-making machines near our room at all the places we stayed and again I became consumed with copious amounts of ice in my drinks, on hand, fresh and fast. Not the stale type that's been sitting in my freezer for a few weeks, or the empty tray someone didn't bother to refill.

    Anyway, there's nothing wrong with my relatively not-old existing fridge, but we could always do with extra fridge storage in the garage, right ? For beer and wine, and Christmas and parties and stuff, yeah ? And if it doesn't fit in the kitchen, there's even more reason to start smashing things down.

    But instead we got a new washing machine. A front loader.
    It was delivered today.

    While I was breastfeeding though, the 4yr old 'topped it up' with more soap powder mid-cycle. I heard the clank of the laundry soap tin. It was the first wash - the one where I tested if everything worked correctly and etc etc. *SCREAM*

    We don't have any cupboards or shelving in the laundry.
    IKEA beckons.

    And it just might save my sanity.


    Christie said...


    looks fancy it ok?

    bloody 4 y.o's, wait until the baby is mobile!! In our house I am outnumbered & boy can they seek & destroy!

    Damselfly said...

    A little retail therapy. LOVE it!

    trasha said...

    Two has had bad press. Two is just frustration at inability to communicate. Four is evil.

    Four is when I wanted to sell my own two and any others of that age I borrow. Four lasts until six and then, like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, there is a lovely, humourous creature in your home. When this happens you should keep it.

    Melody said...

    Oh no!!!! *shriek*

    So, the age 4 is something to look forward to hey? Great.

    Frogdancer said...

    mmmm 4 year olds.....

    Can't kill 'em, can't give 'em away.....

    KikiMiss said...

    I must be going to have a hell time in the teenage years, so far Miss A has ignored these otherwise common traits in most children. I wonder if this is just the "I'm-going-to-get-up-to-mischief-whilst-you're-breastfeeding-HIM/HER" phase? See...mine had that - thank God that's over!!!

    I gasped loudly and covered my mouth with my hand whilst reading this....tell us more, what happened when you arrived in the laundry? Is the front loader a long cycle...are you happy. You simply must review this new addition.

    meggie said...

    Oh major crapola!
    I remember days like that with kids & an ancient house. You wish you could just run away to another life! Or wake up!

    h&b said...

    The terrible-twos bypassed me too. This is the first time I have been frustrated.

    Which is lucky really, considering my low-tolerance for bad behaviour...

    And yes, perhaps it's tied in with the division of attention with the 2nd-born.

    But I am SO sick of repeating myself, chastising, threatening, disciplining, repeat.

    And he's smart enough to know exactly what buttons need pushing.

    Fairlie said...

    That's the thing about four-year-olds...they suddenly learn exactly which buttons need pushing. And they push them frequently.

    Janet said...

    sheesh, ....people keep telling me that three and a half is a vast improvement on three. I find when yelling doesn't work anymore that "in your room with the door shut" or "no television" (although that deprives me of a short period of sanity so really I hate that one too) fairly effective, but sheesh. Especially when the naughtiness is deliberate.

    I like your new washing machine :)

    peppermintpatcher said...

    Just wait til he's old enough to actually do his own washing - then he won't touch the machine!

    Stomper Girl said...

    I'm adoring 4 with the Cherub and loved it with the Climber too. We have the funniest chats. But there's always some stage when they'll temporarily drive you nuts and just when you're about to ebay them they come good! Your MC is delightful, I think. He just wanted a go of mummy's shiny new toy.

    Bird Bath said...

    don't you love it when the littles 'help'?
    Ikea has the potentional to soothe the knock-down-rearrange fever when it hits me. I'm always convinced that a little extra shelving will make life better.

    Stacey said...

    Oh no way?? Did he really do that?
    I have a front loader and love it to bits - until I find the sock that I dropped on the way to the laundry. Once that sucker starts its cycle, there's no going back.

    Pink Granite said...

    Hi -
    This may be a too U.S.-centric comment, but the washing machine incident makes me think of the old "I Love Lucy" shows!

    Our ancient refrigerator gave up the ghost last year and a blessedly new freezer on the bottom, french doors on top fridge took its place. No auto ice and water/ice through the door though - our water is too minerally.

    I agree with Bird Bath that IKEA and a little extra storage and shelving are always a good idea. Perhaps they offer a cupboard to store a four year old in until they turn six? Wait. That's probably illegal.
    Good luck with it all!
    - Lee

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    Just don't take the 4 year old to Ikea, can you imagine?

    caramaena said...

    I found three harder than two, four I liked though.

    I'm finding six interesting - six year olds don't hold their mother's hands in public apparently. I've also been advised (pointedly) that their mothers don't call them cute nicknames, it's either *name* or 'cool dude' (his choice lol!).

    shellyC said...

    Yes- four can be trying!! Mr 4 here just took a pair of scissors to a Mr Men book!! I broached the subject by handing him his favourite book and a pair of scissors and said "i have found a new activity - why don't you have a go at this one?"

    You lucky thing living near an IKEA.....a plate of swedish meatballs and a rumage in the fabric off cut bin always put me in a good mood!!!

    joanne said...

    bloody kids I tell ya!!!!! Went to Ikea today - are you jealous???

    phoeberae said...

    got a fancy-pants fridge, a leftover from hubby's batchelor days... although it took me moving in to get the blasted thing plumbed so the ice machine would even work. Loooooved it...loved being the past-tense for love! We've since moved and it's not plumbed into the new place yet. Starting to feel inspired to crunch!

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