Sunday, June 01, 2008


    3 17 pm

    Warm. Beautiful.
    I wish I could download some pics to share.

    Just a quick one - new hotel, free internet in the lobby, whinging bebe by my feet, absent husband, boy-child disarmed with icecream, also at feet.

    Almost home, the business side of things finishes up tomorrow and then there's a couple of days of family time, which will be nice. I've been taking lots of pics and daydreaming up blog entries and thinking about upgrading my flickr to accomodate them ( GEEK ! )

    Mum - I think I forgot to leave Bob water .. no doubt you've discovered this by now.

    The boy's icecream is almost finished.
    Pool next.....


    Suse said...

    You're in Arizona?! Holy cow h&b's a long way from home.

    I'm glad you're warm. It is NOT, here.

    Stomper Girl said...

    Hey traveller! HOpe you have a great time on the family days. *See* you when you get back with all your photos.

    Fairlie said...

    Wow! A bit of warm would be good about now.

    Have fun on your family days.

    bluemountainsmary said...

    Very excited about photos.

    Very happy you will be home soon!

    zoesquid said...

    Come on home! Looking forward to pics!

    Melody said...

    Ohh I bet you have some stories to tell and some wonderful photos to share... Can't wait!!

    trashalou said...

    Glad you are having a triffic time in Aridzona. Just flit btn the a/c and the pool, it's probably the best way to cope.

    Victoria said...

    Very cool. Hope the rest of your time there is/was great and that the kids are happy on the flight back. Lookin forward to seeing your photos.

    melissaegan said...

    Warm. Beautiful.

    --> I'm jealous!

    Looking forward to photos!

    btw I tagged you!

    meggie said...

    Looking forward to seeing how much the Bebe has changed. Also the MC.
    Bring some sun back with you!

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