Monday, May 12, 2008

    Mosaic Monday

    With a nod to Poppalina, who shares her flickr favourites every Monday.

    I ♥ flickr
    ( click on mosaic to enlarge for eye-candy goodness )*

    1. wharf, 2. oranges and roses, 3. birds in the sky, 4. crab, 5. jugando con las cámara, 6. autumn sets in, 7. odds are, 8. spring cleaning, 9. creeper falling, 10. stripe pasta, 11. art, 12. Royal York, 13. Day 90/366, 14. blossom drop, 15. crack of old vinyl in the sunlight, 16. Day 79/366, 17. Dusk, 18. twitter-bird, 19. rockpool girl, 20. frolicking cheerios., 21. The Robert I. Morse House, 22. When Penguins came for tea, 23. BW Residence -- den, 24. Message Center, 25. New Umbrella

    Jaysus !! ... edited to add ... there are FOUR Muppinstuff pics in that lot. Talk about a stalker !!


    Gina said...

    Favorite is first one in fourth row. Happiest Mother's Day past!

    Melody said...

    What fab eye-candy.


    Janet said...

    well five actually, but I'm flattered. You know I don't think of you as stalkerish....

    Janet said...

    oh crp that sounded a bit pedantic, had just been harrassed by telemarketers, sorry x

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