Friday, May 02, 2008


    So the other night I dreamed the paediatrician we saw at the hospital had the boy's health books ( you know, those yellow or blue books they give you at birth ? ) for some reason, and mailed them back to us. When I opened the parcel, I was confused as MC's was black.
    In my dream I held it up quizzically to my husband and said 'this isn't right?'

    Meanwhile, in his room, MC was not feeling very well.

    When he came into my bed in the morning, he was shivering and slept a long time. He said his tummy hurt. I tried to shush and comfort him, and he slept fitfully. When he awoke proper, I gave him some water, which he vomited into a bucket.

    Then he seemed ok for a while and I figured that was that. Didn't last long, and so some children's paracetemol was given and he had another fitful sleep on the couch.
    So fitful and moaning, I hovered over him for much of the time, taking his temperature. Dreaming of a black health book made me extra vigilent .. was it a death dream ? Also, the littlest one seemed fixated on the big and quite concerned. I'm a wee bit superstitious about such things, and believe babies are closest to God, or the afterworld, or something like that.

    You know, that they know things.
    I always listen to children, I think they've got the inside track.

    So the paracetemol worked, and his temp went down from 39.2° to about 36° and once again my boy was back. He ate some dinner ( the first food for the day ) and seemed good.

    Fast forward to midnight and i'm on the 24hr nurse hotline. Temp's up again and he keeps seeing puppies. Hallucinating. Scaring the crap out of me..

    We make a Dr's appt and MC is rugged up on the couch, wearing 3 layers and a blankie. His teeth chatter and his lips turn blue & are icy to the touch, and his hands are freezing. His temp is normal.
    I put a beanie and mittens on him.

    I hover. I never hover. I am not a hoverer. However, my robust boy is never sick, and quite frankly, blue lips and seeing puppies is freaking me out.

    It was/is an ear infection.

    We're on penicillin ( actually, after taking that the first time, he was yelping in pain because his tummy hurt, but he was grabbing his heart when he said this, and again, I was all oh-mi-god-oh-mi-god .... ), but he seems ok now. I hope.
    We go back to the Docs again today.
    I hope he doesn't throw up on her again this time.

    Far out.
    An ear infection can do this ?

    Poor little mite.

    And in other news:

    - If I can't afford my grocery bill, then who can ?
    - Where does all the toilet paper in this house go ?
    - We got a card in our letterbox from the Waterboard saying "hello! - your water usage has gone up considerably, you might want to check your appliances for problems!"
    - Which plumbing related problem should we tackle first, or should we just wait for something to blow completely ?

    - and so on

    A pic of my leaning tower of baby:


    Fairlie said...

    Ear infections are shocking. They really knock kids around. I would have been on the phone to the 24hr nurse too if there were blue lips and puppy hallucinations. You poor thing - so stressful. Hope he picks up quickly!

    Cute leaning tower too!

    Stomper Girl said...

    Very cute leaning tower.

    That sounds awful, hallucinations would freak me out too. Hope he is back to robust again SOON!

    Christie said...

    SCARY!!! Glad MC is on the mend, but the blue lips would have FREAKED ME OUT too!

    I agree about babies too, they DO know things, if only they could talk...

    In other news, when did EATING become such a luxury!?

    Gina said...

    That's the worst kind of scared. Wow hallucinations! I had no idea ear infections could be that crazy. I hope he's 100% really soon. Precious little guy picture.

    P.S. Thank you for the icon tip.

    kirsty said...

    Yowser. You poor honey! My girl used to hallucinate when she had a fever too. And giggle. Incessantly. And then wet herself (I'm not kidding). It was scary and I totally get where you're coming from.

    emma said...

    You poor thing. I hope your darling is on the up 'n up. Nurse On Call rocks, even if she did nothing to dissuade me of my self-diagnosed heart attack last week. Oh how we laughed afterwards.(2 days later when the mystery pain disappeared)

    Pink Granite said...

    I'm stressed just reading about it all!
    When I was a kid my fever dreams had sort of claymation figures in them. As soon as I "saw" the clay blobs, I would think: "Oh, I have a fever."

    Do take as good care of yourself, as you do the little ones...
    - Lee

    bluemountainsmary said...

    I saw your little ones eyes looking at us in that photo and I absolutely agree that him being fixated on MC would be something you would be alert too.

    I truly hope he is on the mend - sounds like he was even too sick to give you that bit of quiet they can give you when they are sick and sleepy.

    Yes and do take care of yourself too as Pink Granite said.

    Lazy cow said...

    I'd have panicked and hovered too. Poor love.
    As for the Water Board? Who are you sleeping with there to get that service?? our water bill was beyond ridiculous and we never got any warning (there was a burst valve in the hot water system which wasn't obvious).

    Anonymous said...

    Ear infections are vry nasty indeed. Hope he makes a speedy recovery.

    Anonymous said...

    1. How did you baby get big enough to be sitting (leaning!) up like that??

    2. Hope the little one is better soon. Ear infections are awful.

    3. Don't talk about groceries!!

    4. Now you have reminded me I lost W's blue book... better look for it.

    Kirsty said...

    Ear infections really are awful & frightening. Hope he's feeling better.

    Surfing Free said...

    Ooooh - that is scary! I understand the body reacts very unfavourably to ear infections, hence the major fevers and dizzy-headed nausea. Yuck.

    That is one cute little baby boy :)

    Suse said...

    How can he be sitting UP like that?

    He was only born last week!

    Janet said...

    that's what I was thinking too, wasn't that baby just born last week? You forget how quickly they grow I guess.

    Poor MC! Hope he's feeling better soon.

    I swear my grocery bill doubled last week. Am devising clever lentil dishes.

    muser said...

    poor MC. I hope he's feeling better.
    Must be the time for it. Both my kids are feral with sickness at the mo.

    joanne said...

    my uncle once told me that his ear infection caused him so much pain that his doctor told him the pain was worse than childbirth. hope mc is feeling much better x

    Louise said...

    Spooky! I do believe we get little warnings now and then. Having been sick myself for nearly two weeks, and having 3 sick children I feel for you. It is scary when you don't know what's going on and I hate the shivering - that always worries me. I saw you out walking today so hopefully he's on the mend now. Your littlest man is just gorgeous and growing as fast as your garden!!

    Violet & Rose said...

    1. Baby book = Baby Service Manual. Just like the one in the glove box of your car.

    2. Both of my girls have just had EXACTLY the same. Throat infections. High temps, vomiting, couldn't keep a sip of water down, dog on the end of the bed licking toes. The dog is NEVER on the bed, so I knew this was seriously delusional.

    3. My husband works for said water board ....

    4. Don't start me on the toilet paper !

    5. Or the grocery bills.

    6. Love the leaning tower and the mitten boy.

    jorth said...

    Good grief! That's really scary. Hope he's better better better soon.

    sue said...

    Oh I hope he is much better soon. I would have freaked out too. Blue lips are very scary. My daughter and I have ear infections at the moment, and tummy pain and fevers on and off. We are just starting to feel better now which is nearly a week since we started our medicine. I just wish the antibiotics would work much quicker than they do. The nausea and dizziness and feeling like your ear is about to burst is not a nice feeling. Hope things get better for your little one.

    dottycookie said...

    That would have out the fear of God into me too - poor MC, and poor you. I hope the magic medicine has done its trick, and I hope you are feeling calm now.

    Lovely leaning baBy - and such a grown up expression!

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