Monday, February 18, 2008


    Oh heaven ! - am I glad I did that .. I think i've discovered a new pleasure-slash-addiction.

    The toenails needed redoing ( something pretty to concentrate on after the looming pain ), and although I normally do them myself, about 12years ago I was treated to a proper deluxe pedicure, where they use a curved razor to peel off old skin and make you new again.

    I wanted that.
    So I did the ring-around: "I want my feet peeled", I said "not just my nails painted"


    A new place, right 'round the corner. Big, clean, flash, aircon.
    The BeeGees playing live on the tele ( ok, that wasn't really a bonus, but I smiled idiotically throughout .. muzak for the senses ).

    I also watched people walk past and wondered if they were jealous of me ?
    I must be posh and wealthy, sitting up there like the Queen of Sheba, non ?

    And they had huge, brand new, massaging chairs. Oh yeah.
    I'm sitting there, being carved, watching the BeeGees and having my spine pummelled. My toenails prettified.
    For 40minutes. For $35.

    Bargain ?
    I reckoned so.

    She only stopped briefly when she asked the question.
    I *probably* should have answered 'oh, any day now' unstead of
    "8 Days ago" as the poor woman looked like she should probably call an ambulance. I had to promise her I wouldn't birth a babe then & there. There may have been a little communication barrier, as i'm not sure I had her really convinced. We didn't talk again after that ( which is good anyway. I like to relax, not concentrate on communicating )

    Towards the end of my lovely visit, 4 women 'who gym and lunch' barged in all hoity-toity and barking at the staff.
    I don't get people that act like that.
    One of them didn't have an appt and had trotted along with her little friends. "Can't you just call someone?" one of them asked the receptionist ( they didn't have enough foot-staff to cater ). So they got someone in .. but it was rude. I mean, they could have called from their post-gym soy-skinny-café-lattés, surely ?

    So while my nails were drying I got to listen to to snippets of their world. They totally MASSACRED a 'mutual friend' and her children ( with friends like these... ) and swapped notes on financial advisors, and how much a "Spa Membership" costs at the local gym.
    Lots of money talk. Loudly. So the foot-servants knew their place in the world, probably.

    So obscene.

    But I have pretty feet.


    Melody said...

    Pretty feet AND pretty shoes.

    Urgh. I so *hate* women like that. I really do. I am no way on this earth like those women and I aim noever to be like any of those women too! They make my blood boil, looking down in the world at you blah, blah, blah *belch*...

    Hope Baby #2 pops out soon. Not for your sake, but for every one of your fellow commentors here. We're all hanging around, stalking, don't you know? We want to meet this baby, more so than you I think! *heehee*

    Tina O'D said...

    Oh how I love to be pampered. And in your case well deserved. Not much fun bending over your belly to paint nails. Enjoy the luxury while you can. I feel like a stalker or maybe the expectant father!!!, checking the blog, checking the email. You must have something good going on inside there, that baby's having way too much fun inside. Time to come out, the suspense is killing me. Commit to MG Wednesday and you'll be guaranteed a birth beforehand. So what's going to happen tomorrow with the OB?

    bluemountainsmary said...

    I love it when they use those razors.

    Very funny last night when I thought you were in labour looking at photos.

    Pretty toenails are absolutely sure to give you a lift when you need it over the next few days.

    Been there. Done that. It worked for me.

    Jada2929 said...

    Feet normally gross me out. But yours are cute I have to say. Why are your toes not puffy like sausages I wonder?

    Lazy cow said...

    Was that this morning? Damn, I was down your way too, at the paint shop. We could have met for a cool beverage.
    Definitely pretty toes.

    Frogdancer said...

    I've never been game to have a pedicure. I hate my feet, so the thought of some poor soul having to do things to them is awful. But yours look nice. And prettified.

    meggie said...

    I have been hankering after a pedicure for a while now. Not going to happen any time soon, I guess. Thought I might get a voucher for the birthday, but nah.

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    Toe/Foot treats a my absolute favourites - and those massaging chairs, aren't they the bomb? I must have one for home!
    Did yours have the little footspa at the foot of it, gushing water and slooshing it about? Bliss.

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    I've one of those foot peelers at home - for quick tidies!

    KikiMiss said...

    Hey...that's $0.875/minute...alllllright! Yes very pretty, I hope they massaged all the right pressure points for the onset of labour now.

    Uli said...

    I second the pretty toes/pretty shoes comments.

    And those women sound absolutely charming, not.

    Might have to go out and get my toes taken care of too.

    Fairlie said...

    I think in the correct lingo, what you wanted was a 'medicure'...

    The language barrier in those places is probably high enough already without staff thinking kitchen implements and potatoes are being requested.

    Love the colour. Soft, pretty pink. Is it an omen of what is to come??

    Stacey said...

    Your feet sure do look pretty. Such a shame they don't put them in stirrups anymore - the midwives could have been admiring them between contractions.....
    I do love a pedicure - well, sort of. I love the outcome but I am acutely ticklish on my feet and spend the whole time trying not to fidget or pull my feet away.

    Ange said...

    Sounds fabulous & you didnt even mention the fact that you probably cant even reach your toenails long enough to do a good job now. I remember I had my mum paint mine so I was nice & pretty for the birth too - is the pink a sign, I chose pink & knew I was having a girl?

    Stomper Girl said...

    I've never had any pedicures or foot pampers. You'd think my tap students would have clubbed together by now to send me off, wouldn't you?

    Your feet are impressively non-swollen.

    h&b said...

    Pale Pink toes -
    no hint - it's the colour I always choose. I'm not much into racy reds .. or BLUE ?! :)

    Swollen feet -
    Don't get 'em. Probably why pregnancy doesn't bother me - I don't get any of the downside stuff

    DMM - yes, a big comfy vibrating chair with a footspa at the bottom. Sounds vulgar. Tis not !

    Stacey - I ended up in stirrups last time, so I may get a compliment yet ! :p

    Meggie & Stomper - yes, DEFINITELY !
    35Bucks - they can afford that surely ?! ;)

    Louise said...

    I know that place and soooo want to go for a pedicure in their fancy schmancy chairs! I remember when I had daughter number two my midwife at some bizarre point during labour said "wow, don't your toenails look fabulous!!" And indeed they did - gorgeous bright red!

    Aunty Evil said...

    Those pretty toenails are going to look just fab waving around in the air when you go into labour.

    Now. Down to business. Why are you still here? Did I not say Monday 7am?

    You leave me no choice.

    Thursday 11.45am.

    KikiMiss said...

    Suppose I'd better come back in and give my second prediction on timing then....Wednesday 20th 11:17pm!

    Anonymous said...

    Very nice toes, but I need to know was it 60s old style beegees (my preference) or 70s disco beegees. I don't think I'd like stayin' alive while having a pedicure.

    sueeeus said...

    What a treat, and lovely feet, you lucky thing! I'm only 10 weeks and already swelling.

    I don't get that kind of woman either. Where do they come from? How shameful.

    Heather said...

    Lovely feet!

    Sorry about the beatchy women though. Why are people like that? Do they really think others are impressed with that? Yuck.

    I love pedicures. I'm jealous.

    dottycookie said...

    You do indeed have pretty feet.

    It would take more than a razor to get mine in shape for summer. Poor old feet, they do get neglected.

    Violet & Rose said...

    Could you not have made your waters break and gush all over the floor where the hoity-toity women were?

    Just a thought.

    joanne said...

    What a bunch of cows - atleast you have pretty feet - shame your waters didn't break on their spiffy reeboks!

    Anonymous said...

    This sounds exactly like the place near me, except JoLo on the nig screen. I can't stand these women, its just awful to listen to! But love my pedi. Its my 1hr of peace (besides listening to the awful women) away from the kids.

    shula said...

    As a Revered Elder would say.

    You can dress a cockroach in pearls.

    But it's still a cockroach.

    Toes done. You sound just about ready.

    melissa said...

    you do have pretty feet!

    hope it gives you something else to focus on when you are in labour. :)

    Anonymous said...

    A bit of pampering is just what you need right now.

    nutmeg said...

    Love a pedicure and love your colour - nice to match your white shirts etc.

    I too like the skin shaving etc but the last time I had that done was by a podiatrist. I'll have to look into the term supplied by Failrie - medicure.

    Surfing Free said...

    Oh yes, those are some pretty feet :)

    And posh ladies who go to the gym, treat other people like underlings, talk loudly about their wealth, and demand service just need to be shipped off to a deserted island where they can all bitch about each other and end up eating themselves to survive.

    Not that I've been planning that or anything ;)

    Pedicures are the BEST!

    muser said...

    It feels like an AGE since this post. And yet it's only been 2 days.




    My float said...

    Ooh, Wednesday and no post! Mybe baby?!

    bluemountainsmary said...

    She just has to be having that baby.

    Doesn't she?

    Stomper Girl said...

    Good news!! 12.35 today wednesday.

    zoesquid said...

    Im going to Super Nails on Saturday for my first pedicure in 4 years!! The last one I had was the day before I went into labour with my youngest daughter. I cant wait. I hope its as good as yours!

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