Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    Kingswood Country

    I spoke too soon in an email to my sister this morning.

    I was recounting an incident last year, when I, dressed in baggy daggy jammie pants, and I dunno, probably a bra, was hanging out in MY OWN BACKYARD ( way after normal jammie-wearing hours, mind you ), when someone opened the back gate and walked through.

    It was the gas-meter-reader-lady.
    Our gas meter is annoyingly 'round the back and up the side'.
    Apparently that's where they put them 'in the olden days'.

    Anyway, I also had my back to her, so jumped, swore and got a shock to have a stranger 'just pop in, don't mind me...'


    But the recent updigging of the rest of the Camphor weed tree, which smashed the footpath and probably still has roots reaching into a backyard halfway across town ... also disturbed the gas pipes underground.

    So I had to call the gas company, and they came out today and as part of the FREE updating and etc, they will have to move the meter to the front yard ( yay ! )


    Soon after this email, I went out front to collect my bins from the morning's collection and complimented the brickie on his fine, fast work.
    It was then I noticed the contents of the plastic bag.
    A Mailbox.

    Big, ugly, old-fashioned and with "LETTERS" embossed on it's dimpled brass front.
    Perfectly ok if you inherit a house with it, but not so cool when you're getting a new one built and don't have to put up with stuff you don't like.

    It's something your dad would like, or Ted Bullpitt. It was only missing the brass kookaburra motif for extra decoration.

    "Um, is this my mailbox ?"

    ( 2nd pic shows what I wanted. A simple slot )

    Brickie guy was really nice, and it turns out i'd stepped in just in time, and he was about to 'lock it in'. Jaysus.

    So he called his Dad ( aka: The Boss ), and the Dad wanted to speak to me and was really gruff and burly about it and tried to guilt me with "well, I suppose we can see if we can TRY to return it" ( and i'm thinking "Dude! - it's in a Home Hardware bag - how hard can it be, i'll bloody do it !" ), so he huffed and puffed, but this Little Piggy lives in a house of brick.

    I'm not afraid of no Wolf.


    First shot is the view from my screen door of today's labour. Deck guys weren't here today as they had a job to finish elsewhere, so no Boogs.

    Brick-guy got me up this morning at 7.30am to get access to an electrical outlet, and MB asked "does he need to drill, mummy?", and I said "yes, I suppose so".

    No, he got me up ( at a totally reasonable hour, I must admit, I was lazing .. ), to .... plug in his portable radio and listen to MMM.
    The playlist never changes. I had to laugh... )


    dancingmorganmouse said...

    I just love how tradies make a mistake and then try to talk you into living with it, pointing out how difficult it would be to change it now - when if they'd done what you asked in the first place ..... grrr. Good for you, standing your ground.

    shellyC said...

    Good on you for standing your ground!! h&b - I think I might be needing your help!!
    A "quote" over the phone for a deck has now been delivered as an "estimation" on paper!! Like it is ever going to go DOWN in price!!

    Melody said...

    Lucky!!! in lucky you went to collect the bins and notice the mail box, imagine if you came out and the thing was 'in'.... (Hey thanks for the link today - fabulous and appreciated!)

    Stomper Girl said...

    I rooollly HATE tradie's radios. Your deck is starting to look good though. And you gotta love the gasmeter in the front yard as it should be.

    tracey petersen said...

    Surely his radio has batteries! What's wrong with an ipod???

    dottycookie said...

    Good for you. I'm slightly stunned they didn't show you before trying to put it in!

    meggie said...

    Good for you, for insisting you get what you wanted. Looking good out of your front door, though.

    As to the radio, yes, I would have thought batteries or an ipod.

    Christie said...

    Can't ANY of them work without listening to that station!? Glad you got your mailbox- YOU are the one paying for it afterall!! When we were renovating our place I was pregnany with #1 & we had a similar incident but with some el cheapo downlights that the sparky wanted to put in- never cross a pregnant woman who knows what she wants!

    Aunty Evil said...

    The deck is looking good!

    I love that fluro tree next to the letterbox you have included. I see them everywhere, they just glow!

    h&b said...

    Aunty Evil - yes, they do glow. It looks like I photoshopped, but no - that's how they are.

    Note: Awoken again at 7.30am today to supply Triple M fix to the brickie ( and approve new mailslot ;)

    bluemountainsmary said...

    I am very glad my tradies listen to jjj - much more eclectic.

    It is all looking very promising - must be making you happy despite all the inconvenience.

    Love a good sprung in your pyjamas story!

    crafty said...

    I can't believe the wake you up to plug in the radio bit!

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