Tuesday, October 23, 2007

    Word from the House

    I really should note more of the things my son comes out with.
    He never ceases to mess with my mind and wonder if i'm living with someone a hell of a lot older.

    This morning I was awoken with a Days-of-Our-Lives serious face and
    "I have some good news, and some bad news"

    Err. So I asked. The good news was something rabbitty to do with Iced Tea, and the bad news was that Daddy had to go to work.

    I have no idea where he got this expression from - I don't watch "Days" or any of those other melodramatic cocked-eyebrow, sinister twin brother midday shows...


    The other day I was at the kitchen counter readying for breakfast.

    MC came up and eyed an imaginary 'menu board' above my head and announced he'd have the nuggets, chips and a burger thanks.

    I said "how about toast?"


    We're also deep in imaginary/pretend play at the moment.

    I'm eating a lot of pretend food, and we've always got a houseful of imaginary people I have to greet, feed, applaud for their good running skills, or reprimand for whatever naughtiness they get up to.
    Unfortunately, one of his best imaginary friends is a variation of a real-life friend we don't see enough, and I fear he will never live up to his imaginary counterpart now. A bit like the imaginary Bobby, who sits on our laps, and seems to really like hanging out with the boy.

    As opposed to the real Bobby, who only likes my son when he's asleep.


    I got an email from another blogger I read who happens to live around the corner - literally 2 streets away ! She spied me wearing tres sexy protective goggles out the front the other day chipping mortar off old bricks so we can reuse them for other projects. A good look, I must say.


    And a gift in the mail from DottyCookie in the UK:

    ( that keyring has 'house & baby' embroidered on the back - how sweet ! )

    And sorry Val .. i'm sure there was/is another component to this gift, but the boy kinda thought it was for him, so I suspect it's in his room, where I rescued the sleep balm from.
    ( He especially likes the "wip balm" for his 'dry wips'. )

    Err ... oh well, it doesn't seem to do him any harm ..



    Heather said...

    I love the snippet about your son picking his breakfast. I like to suggest toast as much as I can around here. Sometimes the kids even go for it.

    joanne said...

    Is Bobby a bit of a snob??? My daughter had an imaginary friend named boonk who always used to run on the road???

    tracey petersen said...

    I always find it very bad news when I discover that I have to go to work too! I empathise with daddy.

    Lucky you are recording these moments - they go by quickly.

    Christie said...

    i hate dry wips too

    i wonder if any bloggers live in my 'hood? doubt it!

    Suse said...

    So did he get fries with his toast?

    dottycookie said...

    If there was something else in the parcel, I can't remember what it was - could have been buttons though so I hope he hasn't eaten those - eeek!

    I've never eaten the Badger Balm though - can't imagine it tastes too good! He should stick to nuggets ;-)

    h&b said...

    Ah yes, the buttons !!
    Thankyou - I hid them out of the way so he *wouldn't* steal them to play with.

    I should update the pic..

    meggie said...

    Very noice gifts!!
    SG is into imaginary at present too, so we have a lot of magic. He uses his magic powers to make things better, worse, disappear, taste better etc.

    crafty said...

    That is very funny about looking at the imaginary menu board!

    Gina said...

    I think a modeling of the tres chic goggle ensemble is in order. Love the "good news"/"bad news" snippet. No wanting for imagination here.

    My float said...

    Isn't he amazing? The things they say...

    We have picnics in chez My Float. LOTS of picnics. With real food. I find it laid out, on the lovely green tablecloth on the floor. Often the picnics end in tears because the boy has opened something against my express wishes, whcih is then confiscated.

    Stomper Girl said...

    "How about toast?" You are very funny.

    I hate dry wips too, and my boys are always borrowing my wip gwoss. (Although Climber said yips not wips. And Cherub can do the l-sound) Hope the badger balm was not anything like Tiger Balm though, that would fry the poor dry wips!

    Damselfly said...

    What a fun boy you have! He has quite an imagination. I love the invisible menu board.

    That Green & Black chocolate is addicting....

    kylie said...

    my son this morning came out with a doozie... you now when they come out of being in the water for ages and their fingers are all wrinkly, well my son always says he has granny hands, but this morning he came over to me with no clothes on saying look mum i have granny balls... i laughed so hard.

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