Monday, October 08, 2007


    My 12yr old Dustbuster died this week.

    Do you think a new one would last as long ?

    A big dog defacates on my nature strip every Sunday night.

    Perhaps he has an owner that smokes ( question - is it paranoid to think that by finding 3 cigarette butts on my front lawn this morning and another 3 on the nature strip that someone creepy might be watching us ? )

    The kids next door, or somebody ( perhaps Mr. Creepy-I-Like-To-Watch ) eats Boost Bars.

    I find the wrappers in my backyard all the time.

    After months of mulling over a 'difficult bit' of my front garden design, it came to me in a flash yesterday, and is so blindingly perfect, Jamie Durie may have to come and filum the completed work and offer me a job.

    Because this was the 'pivotal first bit, from which all other bits must follow', it has been hampering the work we are hoping to complete by Xmas

    Problem resolved, I made some calls this morning to get the ball rolling.

    I love it when a plan comes together.

    There hasn't been a girl in my husband's family in over 100yrs.

    I'm pretty sure i'm having a boy, and the name is set in stone.

    It's a cool name.

    I picked it.

    Fiona is due at around about the same time as me, and isn't good at boy-names.

    She got some pretty cool suggestions <- see linkage to her comments here

    Keeping her boy-suggestions in mind, I am looking for a girl-name.

    I have some in mind, but am having committment problems.

    Names must NOT be on the Top 100-Popular Name lists.

    Likewise, i'm not into 'originality' by calling children "Mikaylya" or "Xtina" or "Tiphanii"

    And I never name names until after the birth, so if, in the slightest chance I have a girl-child, you will only find out if your name was successful then, and not before.

    Do you think you can handle it ?

    On your marks .... get set ....


    muser said...

    I've always been a big fan of flower-girl-names. Violet, Rose, Lily, Jasmine. Lily was going to be our girl until SIL used it (and we then found we were having a boy anyway). These days it's too popular so maybe that's a good thing. Jasmine is slightly less popular. So my vote goes to Violet followed by Rose. I like the longevity these names have through the ages of the owner.
    Rose/Rosie suits young and old. Violet/Vi, also.
    I'll keep my thinking cap on though. Do we get a prize?

    KikiMiss said...

    Ivy or Kiki :-)

    h&b said...

    A prize ?

    Good idea.

    bluemountainsmary said...


    Phoebe Figallily ( is a silly name.-and so many silly things keep happening)

    mary beth/sue ellen/

    Ruthie /Mary (Camden)


    bluemountainsmary said...

    That last Mary - that's not me signing off

    that is a suggestion

    of course

    Mary beth and Sue Ellen (walton) btw

    bluemountainsmary said...

    Stalking now - except those are not Waltons names (Mary Ellen and Erin are tho') but probably from something like Petticoat Junction or Greenacres

    or something

    kylie said...

    i like emily or isabelle - an old fashioned name is real good... you have to imagine your daughter(if you have one) as a little girl then a business woman then a mother and then a grandmother and think of a name that will suit her for all those things... havine a girl and a boy, i have to say that the girls name was soooo much harder to choose

    crafty said...







    I like names with a on the end, can you tell?

    crafty said...


    h&b said...

    Hmmm .. nothing even close yet.
    I am a harsh judge....

    crafty said...

    Oh, and I think a new dustbuster will last 12 months. Definitely not 12 years, they just don't make stuff like they used to...

    meggie said...

    Kesia for a girl.

    crafty said...


    Have you checked your family tree for names?
    We have, Eileen, Olive, Mary, Emily, Nina, Rose, Helen. I have a niece called Diella, which I think is lovely. My criteria was that my kids wouldn't have to spell out, or correct the spelling everytime they told someone their name.
    It is difficult to think of a non top 100 name that is not stupid, in Albury things like Tyga Lilly are all the go, and I read that in a top 10 list, there were multiple tiger lillys all with different spellings.
    Boys names often get recycled into girls names, apparently Finn is gaining popularity for girls.

    Aunty Evil said...

    I've always had a thing about Amy, Emily and particularly Ella.

    I don't reckon you can go past the good old fashioned names that keep making a comeback.

    But that's not to say I recommend Myrtle, Gladys or Daphne.

    tracey petersen said...

    Crafty is taking this task VERY seriously.
    I have name regret - I didn't get to use the name Sophie or Sophia. I love those names. I very nearly called my daughter Sophie, but a bad teaching memory steered me away at the last moment. I love the name we chose for her and it is exactly the right name for her. I just wish that I'd had a Sophie somewhere.

    Stomper Girl said...

    Caroline is a nice name.

    Heather said...

    My new(er) dustbuster is on year 4 now, so there's hope.

    I birthed the first girl in my husband's family in 60 there is that chance.

    I like Audra, Marina, Hannah, Haley...

    Of course I'm trying to think of names for my baby too!

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    Since the odds are I'll never use them (what with my elderly ovaries) I'll tell you our "just in case" names, Madeleine, Mathilde, Mehitabel or Mucus.

    Fiona said...

    Have you seen this list?

    Plenty of corkers in there! ;) I like Hazel, Iris and Pearl, among many others. But of course, this is perhaps the most subjective game in the world.

    Good luck!!

    bluemountainsmary said...

    Alice (serious suggestion)








    fairlie etc etc

    Meg ( actually I love that name - any of the names from little women - josephine meg amy beth - daisy (meg's little girl - blissful names)

    crafty said...

    Naming babies -is- a serious business, and fun. And the reading of baby name books, and the writing of baby name lists is still fairly recentish in my memory.

    I forgot to say Rita, among the family names.

    VictoriaE said...

    I am no good at thinking up names, but maybe you need to sit outside in your yard at night with a sing shot or some other weapon and catch some of these sneaky offenders?

    linnie said...






    h&b said...

    BMM & Crafty - having fun much ? ;)

    Fiona - my current shortlist are all on that link, and i've added a few more - thanks for the tip !

    DMM - "Mucus". Noice. Did you add that after the Starbucks incident ? ;)

    KikiMiss said...

    I thought of another one that is so pretty - Estella. It was second on my list.

    Aunty Evil said...

    I was always told to stand on your back step and with whatever name you were considering, scream it out at the top of your lungs over and over for about 10 minutes.



    got it?

    Not only will the neighbours let you know what they think of your choice, you are bound to find out exactly what they think of you too!

    Cellobella said...

    Imogen and Grace are my favourites.

    bluemountainsmary said...

    Loving it h&b

    I always called it the Mars Bar Test


    Janet said...

    we went with family significance and that was a lot to do with us not being married and Grace having Gs surname...

    I also like; Alice, Matilda, Ramona, Elaine (after my primary school best friend and my mum's cousin, not a Seinfeld reference), Phoebe, Lillian, Rose...

    I wouldn't go for funny spellings either and didn't make the final decision until a week our so afterwards, just to be sure.

    More will pop into my head soon... :)

    Kim said...

    If any of my boys had been a girl she would have been Matilda. Even way back when in the late 90s when we had Oscar. Before that snarly Heath Ledger named his offspring as such.

    But I also like(d) (because we are so done and lo a girls name will never be needed):

    I also liked Audrey and it had family significance.

    I'm quite partial to old fashioned girls names - Imogen, Adeline, Bethany, Elodie, Henrietta, Josephine (Josie) and so forth but I went to school with a Clementine, Etoline and Xanthe so that probably has something to do with my threshold for such names being different to most.

    I have to stop now.

    I loved the idea of Juniper and Ruby, but lets just say our surname is that of a fruit and well, it would have just been cruel.

    Sheeps Clothing said...

    I had to re-read this post a few times as I thought you had broken the dust buster on the giant turd on your front lawn...
    As for girls names, I too like Estella (I've always loved Great Expectations). I also like Pearl, Ruby (I couldn't use this one due to surname issues and I don't think my boys would have appreciated being called Ruby), Maisie and Hannah.

    velcro said...


    velcro said...


    Christie said...

    Oh, I like Kim's list & I am on the Matilda bandwagon too! I also like Chloe & James (for a girl)although 'James' would have to explain that she is a girl for the rest of her life...

    Melody said...

    Gee, I do like Crafty!

    Sorry, I am catching up here...

    Okey dokey. Girls names...hhmmm, let's put our thinking caps on.

    *thinking cap put on Melody's head*

    Lulu - oh yeah, that's Monet's middle name!
    Manet...oh, do you see a pattern here?

    I'm a big fan of the name Hazel too...

    Maybe think of things you like and see if you can name your daughter after it/them etc., or last names. (Like I did with Monet.) Good luck!!

    Jo said...

    I love Hazel, Harper and Harriet. Luca was going to be Matilda if he was a girl, but it's getting so popular (It will be in the top 100 soon I think)

    sue said...

    Ooh so many names. My daughter was named Isabelle Rose, although I really liked Grace and Lily too. Matilda, Hannah, Molly, Jade, Chloe and Beth are a few that I like too. Good luck with the name choosing, and have fun too.

    Fairlie said...

    Both my girls have really unusual names (at least they both WERE really unusual). Not unusual in a weird spelling kind of way, just not very common. Then a reasonably high profile celebrity went and used daughter no.2's name for her baby, and now I'm noticing a bit of a run on that name in the birth notices...dammit. And, bizarrely, there is also another girl with same name in her kinder class. So, even when you think you're going with something unusual, you can bet someone else has the same idea!!

    In both cases, I just came across the names in something I read (in one case, it was Hello magazine!) and they stuck.

    shellyC said...

    I too always kept the names a secret until the babies were here! Although I did run them by my sister - who was helpful!! The kids have a really long surname - hence short first names.

    I agree with Aunty Evil - stand in the back step and yell them out. Make sure you yell Son No.1's name first and then the 2nd name too - really fast!! I changed my mind on some after doing this!!!

    Girls names:
    Lucia (pronounced Loochea of course!!)

    judi said...


    h&b said...

    Thanks everyone for your help - I am just revisiting this post tonight after realising my husband is calling my belly byu the boy-name we have chosen.

    Made me realise we really *should* start working on the backup...

    I reckon this was my most popular post evah !

    Suse said...

    How did I miss this post? I thought I'd joined in, but now I think on it, it was on Babelbabe's blog where she is certain she's having a fourth boy but needed girl suggestions just in case.

    Loving the Mars Bar test and the stand on the back verandah and scream it out test. I was told to put 'Chief Justice' in front of the name you're considering, and see if it works.

    But the Mars Bar test rules.

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