Wednesday, October 17, 2007

    I Went Shopping Yesterday

    So ?

    First time on my own in 3 1/2 years !!

    Such freedom, such dawdling !

    Impatient mums made me move out of the way of their prams, and walking around solo and carefree with a bump, as I was, I noticed the looks of 'oh, you'll soon know what it's like to never be alone and browsing, biatch..'

    At times I had a compulsion to run over to these women and like a loon, get in their faces and plead 'but you don't understand, I have another child at home! This is my first time out in over 3yrs !!'.
    I wanted them to know about my reprieve, my royal pardon, my suspended sentence..

    But instead, I just got a bucket of hot chips.
    With sauce.

    And bought a handbag that will be my 'nappy bag', because I hate nappy bags.

    And a muu-muu in a loud print. The 20-something sales clerk said I looked 'so retro'.
    I think she was smirking.
    The muu-muu didn't flounce out as it should.. but it was $5 ( I was at the DFO, such a tightarse ;)

    And I got two new bras ( the 4-boob look wasn't a great one ), jammies for the boy, boxers for the husband, and another top for me.
    Nothing earth-shattering, but it was nice.

    Got home in time to make my hair appointment AT A SALON ( my home-hairdresser skipped town, and I was just letting everything grow out feral-style, but i've got 2x weddings coming up, so felt I should make an effort.. )

    So a whole day to myself, basically.



    Christie said...

    I remember getting those looks when I was pregnant with the girl child & out without my son -so rare! Sounds like you had fun. I need a haircut too, I was trying to grow it & now it just looks fugly.

    meggie said...

    Good luck with that haircut!!
    I remember my first outing alone after the daughter arrived. A very kind Aunt came to stay, & told me to get off out for the day.
    Boy, did I make the most of the offer. I came home to find her looking slightly dazed & panic stricken!

    Louise said...

    Lucky you! I always feel slightly wierd without them now. I just did the DFO thang too but with 2 small people in tow who, once they got what they wanted, decided it was time to leave!! I haven't had a haircut in nearly a year and it is looking pretty bad!! I think it is time to book in some me time!

    crafty said...

    Ha ha, I so know what you mean about wanting to run up to people and say, "But I have children, I do, I do, I know what it's like"
    The first time I went out after having my firstborn (it was to kmart for another maternity bra, in out home again 10minutes max) I had this compulsion to tell everyone I saw that I had a baby. It was the first time I'd been seen bumpless.
    Now when I'm out with just the littlest, I have a compulsion to tell people I have three children, I'm not a first time Mum, because those 'knowing' looks give me the shits.
    Congrats on your first proper shopping outing unhindered, and a proper haircut.

    Lazy cow said...

    You go girl! I want to see a photo of the muu muu. Which shop did you get it from?
    And me time, definitely get some more of that. Spoken by the Queen of Me Time :-)

    Heather said...

    I still feel the urge to tell people "I have 2 kids at home!" on the RARE occasion I get to shop without them!

    Fairlie said...

    Nothing like shopping sans kids...!

    Laughing about that 'but you don't understand, I have another child at home' comment!

    KikiMiss said...

    So how did you feel without your boy all day(ish)? I miss the girls if I'm out alone...and sort of watch the clock as to how long until I get home.

    Not all the time, but a lot of the time that happens.

    How silly is that?!

    Victoria said...

    Yay! A muu-muu!!

    Holly & Scolly said...

    Spesh alright! I'm jealous!

    Aunty Evil said...

    Good for you! Sounds like you had a great day.

    Hot chips. With sauce. YUM.

    nutmeg said...

    When I first went to the shops sans both girls I couldn't stop myself looking over my shoulder waiting for them to catch up! I have had enough practice now to have left that habit far behind ;-)

    And you bought something for the men in your life too! I think I was so busy not thinking and just strolling that I may have returned with nothing but the solo stroll was worth it. Hope you get another turn at this before the bubs is born.

    Stacey said...

    Sounds like you had a lovely time.
    I remember the first time I went out sans child and I kept looking around for him, momentarily forgetting that I was alone! Alone!!!
    Don't let anyone scoff at DFO. I scored a $145 skirt for $15.00 there last month, all because the zip sticks a bit. A bit of soap along the teeth (of the zip, not me) and voila! No sticking zip!
    They may be cavernous, soul-less places, but there's bargains a-plenty!

    Joke said...

    ...and now you are a changed woman?



    dottycookie said...

    Yay, good for you. I could do with a day like that - usually I get one after I have threatened to check into a health spa unless I have a day off. About once a year then ...

    Ange said...

    That sounds like my idea of heaven right now. At home with an 8 month old I miss shopping alone soooo much, its the the same when you are rushing around having to make split second desicions to keep the baby happy. I hope it doesnt take me 3 years before I get my day out!

    Melody said...


    To shop alone...


    Surfing Free said...

    Oh the bliss!! But do you find yourself wandering around sort of aimlessly for a while, unused to the freedom?? I do. I also stress myself out trying to hurry up and enjoy my freedom. It would be nice to be idle and not have to feel like rushing just to make the most of your time alone ... *sigh* .. I suppose one day we'll have TOO much time on our hands again.

    Tina O'D said...

    Ditto Surfing Free. I find I spend the whole time racing around like a mad woman trying to get everything done rather than enjoying the time I have. Should be grateful I get the chance at all. Not complaining. Glad to hear your shopping expedition was fun and the haircut looks great.

    tracey petersen said...

    Shopping alone and you still bought for others. How very generous you are!

    Stomper Girl said...

    Excellent work on the child-free day. Like the others say, get in some more while you can. After I had the second child I thought god I had it easy when there was only one, what was I whinging about? I don't know what wuld have happened if we'd had more - I think my brain would probably have melted.

    I didn't even know that muu-muus needed to flounce.

    velcro said...

    oh bliss! a day shopping without anyone pestering, demanding or whining. And shopping with a baby is practically like shopping on your own except with your very own shopping trolley.

    Damselfly said...

    You are so funny! What is the four-boob look? Or should I ask?

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