Wednesday, August 08, 2007

    This is not an Endorsement

    If your milkshake brings all the boys to your yard and you'd rather they leave, just try a dab of Palmer's Scar Serum.

    I don't know if it actually works yet, as i've only been using it for 2 days ( on a burn mark on my ankle ), but it smells just awful.

    If you're into gardening, you'd know the smell as that liquid seaweed fertiliser that plants love.

    The stuff that's so stinky, I only really use it if a plant is really sick.

    If you know the Palmer's range, you're probably familiar with their sweet cocoa-smelling products. The label on the Scar Serum doesn't sound any different - Cocoa Butter Formula, Vitamin E.

    Oh hang on, what this, in small writing, on the back ?
    - Shark Liver Oil ? Onion Bulb Extract ?

    Hmm - not so yummy.

    Seriously, I hope this is a wonder-product, as it's really rank.

    And stray cats are yowling at my door.


    My float said...

    Next time the kids next door throw the ball over, smear a bit of the scar serum on it and toss it back.

    That'll stop 'em.

    h&b said...

    cool idea !

    it's sort of the consistency of dog slobber too, and then they'll take a whiff ... ahh, brilliant plan, MF !!

    KikiMiss said...

    Burns...I reckon they double once you're pregnant! I got two in my last pregnancy, on each arm/wrist as I pulled stuff out of the oven. It's a sign that brain is starting to slow down H&B ;-)

    h&b said...

    nah -

    it's a burn because I run a fan heater right on my legs under the computer desk - I do it every winter - it's a sickness.

    Fairlie said...

    That doesn't seem right - to be part of the Palmers range and smell so bad! They suck you in with the promise of cocoa butter and then give you a blindsiding wham of shark liver oil and onion? Just not right.

    I've always used lavender oil on burns. It may not work as well as the Stinking Scar Serum - but smells a lot better (as long as you don't mind the aroma of an old lady's wardrobe).

    Damselfly said...

    Ew, yuck. So you're the new pied piper of cats in the neighborhood? ;)

    Aunty Evil said...

    Yeah, I love their Cocoa Butter Formula. I wouldn't have expected this to smell so bad either. Hope it works for you!

    muser said...

    If it does work, do tell. My kangaroo puch of a tummy needs some serious help no matter the stench.

    KikiMiss said...

    How about some Paw Paw Ointment? It fixes everything in this household, especially bright red windburnt lips

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    I second the Lucas Paw Paw comment - that stuff is pure magic. As for the serum - anything that smells so bad MUST be good for you eh?

    h&b said...

    nah -
    the PawPaw is for fresh burns - these are burn SCARS - the type I need Bali-Bombing style spray-on skin for.

    tracey petersen said...

    if only it worked for old stretch marks...sigh

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